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Looking for good police novels


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  • Looking for good police novels

    I have read several so far. One is a series of novels the other is a recent one. Both about the Philadelphia PD and I recommend them all.

    One is "A Sense of Duty" by Michael P. Tremoglie x369. This was published in 2006 available at Amazon.com and Barnesandnoble.com Have not seen it in bookstores though. Takes you through a lot of the police academy training.

    The other is Badge of Honor series by W.E.B. Griffin all about the Phila PD. One begins with the Krass Brothers murders in 1973. These are available everywhere. Except the older ones you might have to go to Griffin's website to order.

    Then there is Joseph Wambaugh's series about the LAPD. I never read these although I watched the TV show Police Story and the movie The New Centurions.

    Anybody read these or others they could recommend?

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    Vice Cop by Dr. Bill McCarthy. He was a professor at my college and as a CJ student who went to orientation, they gave us a copy of his book. Its quite a good read.


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      Originally posted by JonMcD1980 View Post
      Vice Cop by Dr. Bill McCarthy. He was a professor at my college and as a CJ student who went to orientation, they gave us a copy of his book. Its quite a good read.
      Will do Thanks

      Check this one out



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        A book I really enjoyed was True Blue, http://books.google.com/books?id=Dt5...tZ1WnY#PPP1,M1
        I believe Sgt. Sutton is now a Lt with LVMPD. Excellent book. It's hard to read the officer down stories, though.

        http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/031...d_i=0312338961 is another link. I'm trying to find the hard cover one but I can only find a paperback version. I have the hardcover one that you see on the google link.
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          I like Michael Connelly's books. Most are about a fictional LAPD Detective, Harry Bosch. Good stories, and I can relate to his rocky relationship with management.
          I'm a big fan of Griffin's other series, but I could never get into the Badge of Honor series. Maybe I should give them another try.


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            you looking to glued to your seat, or cringe in your bed while reading?Nobody does it better than James Ellroy-former denizen of the city of "Lost angels",he writes with a demons speed of the seething lust,perversion,cruelty,madness,humor and vicious violence that lurks in L.A streets just after sundown-blows away the notion that crime noir is the sole property of the ancient and decaying cities of the eastcoast.try "hollywood nocturnes",the original "L.A.Confidential","the Big nowhere",Blood on the Moon","white j***","Hardboiled:an anthology of crime novels"and his own personal autobiography"my dark places".Finish more than one of his books and you'll look at the world as cynically as any burnt out and street toughened cop.Ellroys brilliance is that he takes you into the lives of his characters and he sets you on a trainride that makes you see why the city of L.A. is what it is to this very day-a cold and isolated place,washed over with the false image of being a "new start" for the unsuspecting .

            If you like more modern setting writers,you got robert Crais-"demolition angel" and other L.A. based crime novels.wanna understand LAPD and its neighboring PDs?merely look for any Wambaugh you can find on your local library and bookstore shelves.Want a taste of the "real"? try "the killing season" by miles Corwin,"Boot:an LAPd officers rookie year",by william dunn, and "one time" by Brian Bentley,but be warned,after reading the fictional LA stuff by the other authors, you really won't see where the line between reality and fiction were ever blurred -as reality and illusion go hand in hand .like a hooker on sunset blvd dreaming of being a movie star in hollywood.........
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              Good Police novels

              A few of us did this on another thread. Well, I enjoyed it, so here are a few more suggestions. All of the titles/authors previously mentioned are outstanding. That said, I've always been a big Wambaugh fan. Fourteen years on LAPD, provides a guy with major insights.

              1). New Centurions
              2). Choir Boys
              3). Glitter Dome
              4). Onion Field-Non-fiction
              5). Blooding-Non-fiction
              6). Lines and Shadows.

              I may have missed one or two by Wambaugh. You might take a look at "HelterSkelter" by Vince Bugliosi. He's the Attorney who prosecuted Charlie Manson and his crew. Great read. What's scary is, it's also "Non-Fiction".


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                Here is one I recommend reading....this is what happens to some of the people who get arrested and sent to a Supermax prison do.

                The Big House: Life Inside a Supermax Security Prison - by Warden James H. Bruton.

                He shares is stories of people who are put away for doing some of the worst stuff to their fellow man and how they act behind bars. How he and the rest of the staff learn from their "guests" how to make the prison even more tougher and thus reducing the amount of damage an inmate can do.

                Some of the stories are very tough, others are very comical - case in point one of the stories is where they found one of the inmates using his mattress as a boat in sealed prison cell (yes he was found floating in water).

                A very good read.


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                  Nelson Demille

                  Four of his books are about an NYPD detective on the JTTF(in the books he calls it the Anti-Terrorist Task Force).

                  Plum Island
                  Lion's Game
                  Night Fall
                  Wild Fire
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                    Street Cops?!

                    Are there any series out there about "Street Cops?" I like the detective novel...but my heart has always been with the uniformed guys on the street. Does anyone know of anything like this?
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                      "The Blue Brotherhood."

                      About beat cops in Baltimore County, MD in the early-mid 1950's.


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                        Check out "COP" by Michael Middleton, great read.


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                          The Hot House; Life inside Leavenworth Prison by Pete Early. Not exactly a "police novel" but related and interesting reading. After reading the book, I was glad there are places to put those people to keep them away from me and my family. There truly are people with no redemption to society and places like Leavenworth is where those people belong.
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                            Originally posted by EricDel View Post
                            Check out "COP" by Michael Middleton, great read.

                            I second this!


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                              All of these are non-fiction:

                              Someone already mentioned "True Blue" by Sgt. Randy Sutton. This is a compilation of stories submitted by cops that Sutton edited. He has another book that he wrote called "A Cop's Life" about his own experiences. Both are excellent books.

                              "What Cops Know" by Connie Fletcher is another good read. She interviewed a bunch of Chicago cops and wrote down their stories. Like "True Blue" it offers a little bit of everything in terms of police work, from patrol to detectives and everything in between.

                              I'll third "Cop" by Michael L. Middleton. It follows his career with the LAPD and is also an excellent read.

                              "NYPD: Stories of Survival from the World's Toughest Beat" by Clint Willis is another good compilation. As with the others in this mode, you'll get a little bit of everything.

                              "Blue Blood" by Edward Conlon follows the author's job as a NYPD officer. The book starts with him on patrol and ends with him as a detective. Very well written.

                              "Miles to go Before I Sleep" by Christopher M. Archer. Archer started off as a D.C. Metro cop and now works for the Metro Transit Police Department.

                              "Police Heroes" by Chuck Whitlock is another one that contains the stories of cops from across the country, but they're all written by Whitlock.

                              "Standing Next to History" by Joseph Petro. Petro is a retired Secret Service agent and the book chronicles his career, both as an investigator and as a member of Reagan's protective detail. Not your traditional cop book, but a fascinating read nonetheless.

                              All of the above are great books. You'll often find yourself feeling numerous emotions as you read the various stories. On some you'll be laughing and others will have you angry; there are also, unfortunately, incredibly sad ones. I can't say enough about these books, all are highly recommended. I've read most of them multiple times.

                              I love reading non-fiction accounts about cops and their lives as you can tell. If anyone has any other suggestions for non-fiction books I'd love to hear them. As for the fiction stuff, W.E.B. Griffin is hard to beat in my opinion. I love all of his series.
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