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DoD Police or DoA, DoN, DoAF POlice


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  • DoD Police or DoA, DoN, DoAF POlice

    I keep getting mixed information. I just wanted to know weather there are still Department of Defense Police or is it broken up individually throughout the branches. Also is it true that DoD police only go through 8 weeks of in house training? (No FLETC) Anyone with real knowledge of this question please respond.
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    Depends, literally, on the department you go to. At mine, we only hire (allegedly) already experienced officers, therefore, you get ZERO training except for sitting around the station for a month and then riding with another officer for a week or a month, depending on the shift you work on.

    There are no more Dept of Defense Police, to my knowledge, at least in the Maryland area. It's all Dept of Army, Dept of Navy.

    Other agencies in Md (again, this all depends on which agency you are looking at) actually have standards and requirements, and make you go to either FLETC, or a CALEA approved academy (such as the one in Aberdeen Proving Ground).

    The money is decent for the most part, but if you want to be a 'real' cop, stay away from this and go be one. Cause we def. ain't it most of the time.
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