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Georgia Patrol Fires Academy Class


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  • Georgia Patrol Fires Academy Class

    Got caught cheating in online class.


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    Good. Hope they are all blacklisted forever.
    Now go home and get your shine box!


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      Article lists them all alphabetically, making it easy to identify any who might apply for a job elsewhere.


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        An entire class of troopers cheated on a speed detection test?! [facepalm]
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          Originally posted by Bing_Oh View Post
          An entire class of troopers cheated on a speed detection test?! [facepalm]
          Must have been confused between blanking, batching, and shadowing.


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            I'm gonna hold judgement because I don't have all the facts. Here's why....

            I've been through five academies (at all levels of govt) and there were tests that cheating was not allowed and there were tests that, well, let's just say the lines weren't so clear.....


            Test on 4th amendment search and seizure. Cheating not allowed.

            Test on how to use case management database: instructor would give answers the day prior.

            Distinction: one test was an assessment of knowledge crucial to perform job effectively and legally, and the other test was an administrative exercise in how the computer system works.

            And don't get me started with the online training. I worked for an agency that spit out more online training than a baby does bottled formula. Everything from sexual harassment to financial reporting to political activity on the job and a half dozen other subjects of dubious relevance. It was a huge time suck for people who had better things to do, like catch criminals. If they were to fire everyone who fast forwarded to the test portion then solicited answers from cubicle neighbors, they might as well have closed the outfit down.....
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            • Carbonfiberfoot
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              "Test on how to use case management database: instructor would give answers the day prior." - After being owned by hackers last year, the Georgia Department of Safety has hopefully implemented proper two-factor access controls and increased the training and testing standards on that front.

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              From what I've been told or read, not all of them per se cheated but knew that others did cheat and didn't say anything. Instructor(s) gave some cadets that failed a test, a copy of it to turn in the next day. They allegedly told them to help their fellow cadets or something to that affect.

              Their Colonel glossed over the instructors' responsibility in this case and just vilified the cadets in a press conference. The Colonel struck me as a bureaucrat trying to save face. If he felt so strongly about this why not discipline or hold the academy instructors responsible? Vicarious liability?

              The one that gave his girlfriend his log in info to take the test... Wow!



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                Department of Public Safety Commissioner Col. Mark McDonough has resigned as a result of the Georgia Trooper cheating scandal.


                • Roller2200
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                  You mean retired??

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                In my experience, some tests were given with a wink and a nod. One example- ice rescue. A practical test that was given to my academy class in July. We took this (required for state certification) test in an indoor swimming pool in a building with no airconditioning. We used foam mats to simulate ice. We all passed even the recruits who couldn't swim. (yes there were a few). I never laughed so hard in my life!
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