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  • Need Input/Direction

    I'll try to be as concise as possible...

    My aunt has tasked me with trying to find some information on the death of a cousin & her husband. After some searching around the interwebs I'm sort of stuck. Here's the deal.

    They were a retired couple that owned a business in a tine town in rural ID. I was only able to find obituaries that indicated that they both died in an accident on their property. I would think that an accident that claims the life of two people would be newsworthy (especially in BFE where it's pretty quiet), but I wasn't able to find any articles on the websites for the two newspapers that serve the area. With the media's motto of "if it bleeds it leads" this increased my curiosity.. So I tracked down the LE agency serving the area online. The sheriff had a website that included what basically amounted to a (semi) daily crime log, but there was nothing listed for the day of the deaths (Mayberry RFD stuff on other days).

    So now I'm not sure if there's anywhere else to look. They were both 81, so perhaps that's playing a part in why the accident isn't noteworthy. Any suggestions on where to go from here? Only thing I can think of is see if the S/O has a PIO & ask them (I'd prefer not to bother them for something that is just more curiosity than anything else).
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    Write the Sheriff a letter and explain your search. Also, the county registrars office should have something.
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      We made reports on all unattended deaths in our jurisdiction so I wouldn't doubt they did the same up there in ID. Get the police report.


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        Try the coroner as well, maybe they can provide some info
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          I've spent my share of time in small town rural west. The dusty town I lived in had one local radio station (KZZR AM- "The Voice of No Choice!"), and a local paper. The radio would read police reports and the weekly jail roster (it was the same five or six people from the reservation getting arrested every weekend for domestic violence or public drunkeness). The newspaper was more about alfalfa prices and the dinner menu for the week at the VFW. The paper generally avoided reporting of news, especially bad news.

          I suppose you can call the sheriff's office and maybe that'll get you some info BUT if you really want to know what happened, fly to Boise, rent a car, and go there. My experience is people in small towns never forget nothing. They remember local tragedies with great detail, especially when it involves local business owners because everyone knows local business owners. Folks in small towns are generally talkative with strangers, unlike snooty city people, and if you were to explain this is extended family, people would open up like books. I'd start at the family restaurant and look for the big table with the old guys drinking coffee- those are pillars of the community who know everything and everyone. Then I'd go to the local library because they often have a historical society and those people are also treasure troves of information.

          Btw, the small town fishbowl drove me nuts when I lived there. I found it exhausting and soul crushing that everyone knew everyone's business and would talk about it, often years after. Everything from tragedies and accidents to cheating spouses and closet homos. I'm very grateful to be in a place now where my neighbors are as indifferent about me as I am them.

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          • merlin436
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            I largely agree.

            I'd add that if you can't or don't want to visit the place personally, you could probably find out a lot by calling the local restaurants, barbershops, old folk homes, etc and asking around for contacts who may have known the couple.

            There's people in town who would love to talk your ears off.

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          Death caused by accident on private property, almost certainly a coroner's case (death not attended by a physician, not in a hospital or nursing home, etc). The problem is likely to be whether or not the current coroner was the coroner at the time of the incident, and whether or not coroner's records are maintained and passed on from one administration to the next. In many rural areas the coroner is more likely to be a funeral home operator, or perhaps a retired cop, than a licensed physician or certified medical examiner.

          That would shape the direction of my inquiries. Step one, check websites for the county government and/or office of the coroner (or medical examiner), send e-mails if possible and follow-up by phone calls to determine if a record exists, where it might be, how to obtain copies, etc.


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