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Should I disclose this on my background packet?


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  • Should I disclose this on my background packet?

    So back in 2015 we were selected for random inspection at the main gate on an Army installation. The MPs stated they smelled marijuana coming from the vehicle. They searched and searched even brought the dog and didn’t find anything. They called CID to test some dietary supplements I had In the backseat and of course came up negative result. Then searched us and I had no idea but this one guy had a gun on him and they arrested him and took him away. They released the rest of us and they uploaded what happened on the military police blotter. So our command knew and they sent us all to get drug tested. We all passed the drug test and after that never heard anything about it again. Will this show up on background check at all? I received an honorable discharge.
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    Answer all questions honestly that are directly posed to you, on the application and in person.

    Smelt isn’t the word you’re looking for; smelled.


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      Answer the questions asked.


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        On your background packet you will be asked if you have ever been investigated by the police or had police contact. Answer appropriately.

        Now, let me point out that I haven't read such a carefully written narrative in years. It reads like something one of my officers would have crafted after he royally screwed up, buried the bodies and was hoping no one noticed.

        You story repeatedly goes out of the way to point out that no one had dope on them or in them, despite the fact that there (apparently) was the odor of dope coming from the car and one of the occupants was armed. So, what happened to the dope? Whose dope was it? Who was selling? Did it belong to all of you and was the guy with the gun your security when you sold it?

        Inquiring minds want to know, as will you BI.

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          It absolutely WILL show up. During my background, I forgot that I called PMO on my drunk neighbors on base. That was brought up by my investigator. When they said “list all interaction with LE” list them all and explain. I explained what happened and it didn’t hindered me from being hired.


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            It reads like something one of my officers would have crafted after he royally screwed up, buried the bodies and was hoping no one noticed
            Yep, MPs didn't jump thru all those hoops for no reason. They will call the PMO, and they will get the report... but they will call the PMO of every installation you were assigned to anyway.
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              Ive seen requests from civilian police departments requesting all information about any contacts, detainments and arrests that were made by Military Police or CID. Even if you're a victim.


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                Normally police background questionnaires are carefully worded so a 5th grader can understand the information wanted. They use words like SHALL and ALL. Those words mean what they say.
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