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    I'd like to preface this by saying that I haven't been on a forum since high school, and I know this topic is probably 1,000 places, but I wasn't sure so I'm going to post and see how it turns out.

    I just moved back home to North Carolina, and I'm vying for sworn officer position, hopefully starting the March 2020 academy. I'm very excited, and also understandably nervous. I don't doubt that I can do it, but I am a naturally worrisome individual. I tend not to do things with 1 or 2 back up plans in place.. This career change seems like it's going to be very difficult, so I have some questions to maybe just put my mind at ease. I have my first baby en route, and it makes me feel apprehensive when they say that failing X amount of tests will lead to the big boot from the academy. I don't consider myself a very book smart person, and considering that I will have to leave my current job, which pays quite well, it would be fairly devastating for my family if for whatever reason I was to fail a test and end up with no income over night. So my question becomes; How difficult are these tests? I just finished the initial meet and greets, and POPAT, and they made it seem like they're exceedingly difficult.

    My only other question is; How much running is done? I'm very much in shape, I can do 100 push ups without stopping, 60-70 sit ups without rest, but running has just never been my forte. Even in boot camp, I struggled with running. Never got better or worse at it. Just suffered through it. I'm sure I can overcome that if I just push myself through, but I'm just curious.

    Thanks for all the help (if I get any) in advance.

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    The academy staff is not "out to get" anyone. Their job is to teach the students/cadets. The instructors will help you as much as possible but the student needs to meet them a bit more than half way.

    They will NOT pass a failing cadet. They will help you but they won't fudge the results. THAT is where the cadet needs to step up and study in order to pass the tests. Failing is on the cadet not the instructors

    Most academies now days have a LOT of PT......a lot of running. You WILL be fit enough to pass the physical minimums. That includes the running segment. Again the staff will not fudge.
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      In Colorado academy academics are high-school/ junior college level since most academies here are run by colleges and offer lower division college credit.

      I doubt others elsewhere are much more advanced. They literally tell you every single thing on the test. Look around at some of the people who passed. If they can do it you can do it.
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