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  • Take-Home cars for cadets

    I am curious does your agency have Take-Home cars for cadets officers? Meaning in the academy or being sent to a community college for the BLET as some agencies do not have their own academy. For example some agencies send cadets to a community college to get their BLET, but are a full-time employee with the agency and being paid salary.

    Wilmington Police (NC) has take-home cars even for their cadets officers as I read on a article, but they are un-marked. Curious to see if other departments have this benefits?
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    We allowed cadets to pick up a marked unit from the station and then drive to the academy...in a car pool, but that was when we used a regional academy that was about an hour drive from the city. No take home.


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      That's going to depend on the department. The department that sent me to the academy assigned us 1 car we had to share to get to the academy. We didn't get take home cars until we finished FTO.

      The last department I worked for rarely sent new hires to the academy. But the ones they did send, they gave them the oldest crappiest but reliable cars we had. They could take them home. After they completed everything they then got a little better take homes.


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        I've never worked for a department that did it, because I've never worked for a department that sponsors cadets, but I've seen departments that did... and the SO I worked for would give trainees a take home somewhere in Phase 2 if you were doing well.

        Usually it was when the academy was a long way from the sponsoring department.

        The problem they run into is that, with a cadet in a marked unit, if something happens where the public expects an officer to take action the cadet (or FTO trainee) can't... come across a crash or obvious DUI, or even just someone blowing thru a stop sign... which generates complaints and misunderstanding.

        I had that happen to me in FTO. I was a few weeks out from graduating FTO, had been issued a take-home (I had been a jail deputy before transferring to the road so they just gave me a truck about halfway thru) and was driving home, and came upon a bad crash. By policy I couldn't take any action without my FTO present. I just said screw it and started working the crash, got EMS enroute, etc. Fortunately the Sheriff Himself was the next unit on scene and told me to keep going... and forestalled the *** chewing the FTO mafia wanted to hand me.

        ...but if I had been a less experienced deputy, or gods forbid a cadet, it could have been awkward.
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          I'd imagine the backlash from you ignoring the crash would have been worse.

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        Back when I went through the academy, we didn’t need them. The department housed its recruits near the academy. My group got put up in a nice house in a regular middle-class neighborhood five minutes from the academy.

        It was great. Every evening we had group study sessions which helped our academics, plus we didn’t have an hour-long drive to get to class. The downside was doing PT first thing in the morning while hung over. Those daily group study sessions always included drinks.
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          We use an unmarked, unequipped car for our detention officers attending the academy. They do not take it home, but rather to the Sheriff's Headquarters every evening. Since they are full-time employees, they are held accountable, by policy, for the serviceability and cleanliness of the car.


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