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2019 Shutdown, Part II


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  • 2019 Shutdown, Part II

    Looks like the G is preparing to go into shutdown mode on November 21. The previous one this year was five weeks; some analysts are predicting this time could be considerably longer, given the stakes.

    Figured I get this out there for all 1811s, 1801s, 0025s, etc. who may be impacted. Time to squirrel away as much money as possible in the next three weeks.

    Interested in any tips/lessons learned from the last one.... cost cutting tips, food bank options, how to stay positive at work with all the non-stop complaining from co-workers, etc.

    Also interested if shutdowns factor into career decision processes, such as staying with state or local agency, or retiring from the G as soon as possible.



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    TLDR version: Federal employees thrown under the bus, due to poor self serving leadership.


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      Have all your use or lose scheduled in writing and approved before the end of the 23 pay period. They tried to jerk around all the agents in my agency because typically we don't get written approval. We put our leave on the group calendar and if it's a problem the sup lets us know. Ultimately mine was restored and I have until 2021 to use it. I had leave approved in January that they wanted to cancel but since I had money into it I was allowed to continue. It was a 7 day training class for my side gig. Because of the Antideficiency Act I ended up getting the time off as needed and was never charged leave for it. So as much of a hassle as it was it worked out ok for me.

      My wife and I try to keep a fair bit of money in reserve for things like this. We have been through several shutdowns now. She makes quite a bit more money than me anyway and if need be I can work my side gig which pays about $400 a day.

      Common wisdom is to have 3 months total bills sitting liquid in the bank or near liquid. I suggest having 6 months if possible. incase someone loses a job.


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