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10 year veteran cop looking for change....


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  • 10 year veteran cop looking for change....

    Been a police officer for a little over 10 years and considering a change. I am interested in some sort of job selling or working with law enforcement related products. Does anyone know where I can start as far as finding a job in sales for law enforcement related products or companies? I have a tech background and would be a great candidate to show how a laptop with law enforcement software works or other products. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    I've been dealing with a few venders lately and some of them have been former LE or retired LE. The most notable ones were the body armor and report writing software representatives..

    Maybe you can contact the ones your current department uses and see about a job with their company. That way you'll have a first hand knowledge of their products. That's basically how the one rep said he got started.

    Good luck!


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      I know a guy who retired from AZ DoC, worked for an SO here for a while then got a job as a vendor rep... 5.11 I think but could be wrong.

      I think he applied on their website, then went to an informal "interview" at a trade show or some such in Colorado Springs, then a more formal suit-and-tie interview somewhere in Denver.

      Here's all the jobs 5.11 is advertising. I expect other major vendors have similar pages:


      There's 3 on there that would fall in the realm of "vendor rep".
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