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Florida cop fired for arresting two elementary school children


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  • Florida cop fired for arresting two elementary school children

    A Florida police officer has reportedly been fired amid outrage for arresting two 6-year-old elementary school children last week, authorities said Monday.

    Orlando Police Chief Orlando Rolón announced that school resource officer Dennis Turner was axed amid a probe into his bust of two youngsters last Thursday, according to NBC News.

    “This will not stop,” Rolón said of the investigation. “But at my level, I have the opportunity to be able to exercise that and when I came in today, I knew there was no choice here. He was going to be terminated.”

    Department policy dictates that officers must obtain the approval of their commanding officer before initiating an arrest of a child under 12.

    Turner neglected to abide by that policy when he arrested 6-year-old Kaia Rolle for throwing a tantrum and kicking someone at the Lucious and Emma Nixon Academy elementary school, her grandmother, Meralyn Kirkland, said.

    Rolle was fingerprinted and charged with battery. But when a supervisor got wind of Turner’s action, the little girl’s arrest was halted and she was returned to school, Rolón had said.

    The same day Turner also arrested a 6-year-old boy, who was processed at the Juvenile Detention Center and later released to a relative.


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    This is absurd behavior from a police officer.


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      Two thoughts come to mind:

      1. What led the arresting officer to take the action he did?

      2. Was the policy violation by the arresting officer (failure to get booking approval) serious enough to justify termination?
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        I was really hoping his arrest decision was for two kids refuisng to take naps, two counts of resisting a rest....terrible jokes aside, I'm curious how he thought that would ever hold up.
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          Is there a minimum age for committing crimes in Florida law? California has a section which puts the minimum age at 14.


          and these kids were half that age and they were arrested for what sounds like simple battery, a misdemeanor in California.

          Should he have been fired? I don’t know. It does seem rather reactionary to fire someone the day after a national news story breaks about the incident. I mean, no one involved in the Parkland police response was fired the next day, and there were some clear policy violations there.
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            If it was my kid, I would be livid. How friggin stupid can you be.


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              Retraining. That’s all that’s needed. Some DA didn’t read a policy.
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                No way could I do that here, at that age. But Florida has different laws. I would like to hear the whole story before condemning the officer.

                And another reason why I don't want to be a SRO!

                I've had calls involving kids where I felt like I was damned if do and damned if I don't do something. It's not always clear cut.


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                  Can someone elaborate on if this "Officer" involved was indeed a full time, state certified police officer? I've heard conflicting reports.
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                    I want to know how this officer was assigned as an elementary school SRO

                    Did he request that assignment or was it forced on him? That could probably explain a lot about his motivation.


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                      I work in Orlando and the local news reported that the officer who was fired was a reserve officer (not a full time police officer). That is probable why he was fired so quickly due to the fact he wasn’t a full time paid employee.


                      • PeteBroccolo
                        PeteBroccolo commented
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                        What is the age of criminal responsibility in FL?
                        Canada-wide, the minimum age is 12, when they are considered a Young Offender, until they reach the full-adult age is 18. A suspect COULD be charged as an adult for Murder, however.
                        The children "arrested" in this situation could be APPREHENDED under child and family services protection laws, which are non-criminal (and non-offence) legislation that varies from Province-to-Province.

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                      Originally posted by pissedoff View Post
                      I work in Orlando and the local news reported that the officer who was fired was a reserve officer (not a full time police officer). That is probable why he was fired so quickly due to the fact he wasn’t a full time paid employee.
                      What does "reserve" mean there? Paid part-time or unpaid volunteer? Just want to be sure we're on the same page. I was classified as a reserve firefighter once. Which really meant I was a volunteer firefighter.

                      Either way I'm getting the impression that the department has some management issues.

                      Part timers aren't always breifed, in a timely manner, on policy changes. Even if they ask if there any recent changes!

                      Unless the reserve officer was a former teacher or SRO i wouldn't have put him at the school.


                      • pissedoff
                        pissedoff commented
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                        Most of the reserve officers I know do not get paid when they work. That’s not to say some departments do pay their reserve officers.

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                      Other than an officer being an 'SRO', who you would think deals with juveniles on a regular basis, being a peace officer of a state should have a full grasp on who you can and can't arrest. Here in Texas, unless it has changed in the 4 years since I've retired, you can't be arrested for a crime under 10 years of age. Any child offender under 10 who does criminal schtuff, may be referred to Child Protective Services to investigate what's going on in his household. There can't be any way a 6 year old could be 'arrested' unless it was the SRO's intent of scaring the child by going through the process.


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