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Police starting new business. Please read all !!


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  • Police starting new business. Please read all !!

    I have googled firearms training and just about every other combination of the word and have found very few schools in my state. I only found 1 in my area. I was thinking about getting a hand full of current and retired law enforcement officers / SWAT / trainers / or military personnel and opening a new business.

    The idea is a facility for civilians to enroll in classes for hands on training from basic firearms training all the way to advanced weapons training etc. Now there seems to be some schools / facilities in other states but not in mine. I have had this idea for 5 years now. I would have a huge building that had a full live fire range / shoot house and some rooms for simunition training for at home defense etc. I would like to have most of the people coming in for training to be current police who want more advanced training then what they receive from there department. Also my state has concealed permit holders and there is not any place for them to go and get some real scenario training. For example I would have a student drive his or her car up to the front of a house and then an instructor would try to carjack the student. Now we all know that only simunitions would be used in this kind of training but it would be high speed training for the civilian who wants to be able to defend them selves form criminals.

    I am currently in the process of writing a business plan and doing the leg work as far as what kind of start up money I would need. I am aware of all the work that has to be done and this is just in the planning stage. But I might as well do a marketing survey on this site.

    1) Would any of you guys or girls every take any classes at a facility such as the one I described?
    2) What kind of money would you expect to be charged for a day’s class?
    3) What kind of background should a civilian instructor have?
    4) Should housing be included in the price or not?

    Please give some feed back guys because this is something that I would really like to do.

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    there are several training courses like that around..

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      Sounds like great idea! Good luck.
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        In starting any business you want to do some research beforehand. Is there a demand in your area for those types of services? It could be that there's not those types of services in your area because there's not a demand for it. Not saying don't do it, just be careful that you don't invest too much before it's too late.


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          Asking those questions in this forum will not help you out much. How many LEO in your area can benefit form this training? How many people in your area have CWPs and would be interested? Are there any departments that can use your business to extend their training? What about an available pool of qualified instructors in your area that can invest their time? Doing a market research study includes finding your target market and doing surveys. Good luck in your endevors and hope you get were you want to be. Also, you may want to look into those leadership schools that big companies sent their employees for confidence and self-esteem training, which you can include in your school via weapons handeling.
          Thank you to all that serve.


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            1) Yes, I would.

            2) I would look at similar schools, what they include, and what you include. Also, you will want to look at what it will cost you, and you will want some type of reasonable profit margin. You don't want to over-price either. And each type of course should have different fees, so there is no one set answer.

            3) A civilian instructor I would imagine to have a thorough enough background that you trust them to build a solid reputation for your school. Maybe someone that does private self-defense training, or marksmen, etc?

            4) This depends on the type of market that you want to attract. Do you want to attract people from all over? Are there hotels in the area? Would you be able to get discounts for people coming in and set something up with the hotel?

            In creating the business plan, all of this is circumstantial. You need to research the area, look up demographics, find out how many CCW's there are in your area, etc. It is going to take a lot of research, and as someone else said, take your time and make sure you have everything you need. You don't want to invest too much money to hurt yourself when there is no demand, etc.

            Also, if you want to see what some of the most state of the art ranges look like, I would consider taking a course or a trip to BlackWater USA and using their ranges and taking a tour ( http://www.blackwaterusa.com/training/ ). If you look on that page, it lists all the courses offered, type of things found at the range, etc. Also, their target systems: http://www.blackwaterusa.com/targetsystems/

            Best of luck to you and I hope it works out for you. Let us know how it comes along!
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              I would like to have most of the people coming in for training to be current police who want more advanced training then what they receive from there department.
              Since you are writing a business plan, it means you will do this for profit (quantity over quality). Your target attendees are mostly current LEOs. But you will still accept civilians. What kind of screening process will the facility have to accept civilians?
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                New Business

                It's a great idea, but also a potential minefield. About fifteen years ago, a couple of guys actually got into the first phases of such a business, here in Montgomery. It was about a mile from where I lived, going to be open 24/7, fully staffed etc. The main appeal was to be police/military personnel, as well as civilian shooters. The concept was that a person would purchase an annual membership. He could buy discounted ammunition, targets, etc. There was also going to be a qualified gunsmith/armorer on the premises as well. They did some advertising, and I was ready to join..Long story short, good as the concept was, it never got off the ground. I'm not saying don't do it. It's a great idea, but you're going to need considerable backing, as in financial. There are multiple potential liability issues as well. If you envision an in-door range facility, you will have noise issues, lead disposal etc to contend with. The list goes on. To be recognized as a training venue, all of your instructors are going to have to be certified by an appropriate agency. Hey, I hope it works out for you. Sounds like a great idea, and hopefully, you'll get some more thoughts here on the forum.


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