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Dog bite question


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  • firestone88
    In California, a "Dog Vs. Dog" incident is not a legal matter. The dog can be cited for a leash law violation, but that's it.

    If you can articulate that you were in fear for your life, then I suppose you can use deadly force on the dog- but you also need to articulate your reason for having a firearm on your person. Basically, you can't come outside, see the dog, go back in to get a gun and kill it, because then you wouldn't be in any danger if you were able to go back into your house.

    Make sense?

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  • MesaHopeful
    started a topic Dog bite question

    Dog bite question

    Yesterday I took out my garbage, as I always do, around 7pm. I took my dog out with me. She is well trained, and will not leave my property, as such I did not have her on a leash. As I was pushing the barrel out to the street, my neighbor down the way's pitbull (also off leash) ran out from his yard, snarling and growling, and attacked my dog.

    My dog was bitten on the muzzle/nose, and below her eye, before I could kick the worthless mutt off her, and get her into the back yard. The neighbor was a dumbass, who told me that "I guess you should train my dog too huh"

    For the last 24 hours now my dog has been cowering around the house, scared of her own shadow, etc etc. The police say they'll come out and cite my neighbor, which is fine and dandy.

    My question is this however. Unleashed, vicious dog, my property. If it happens again, am I within my rights to shoot the pit bull?

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