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Why do you need those guns...


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  • Why do you need those guns...

    For those who keep asking "Why no warning shots?", "Why so many shots?", "Why so powerful guns?", here's the answer.

    At 22:00 in a Russian town a National Guard police patrol responded to a "suspicious person in a yard call'. Upon being approached, the person immediately and unexpectedly attacked the officers with a knife, stabbing both. The patrol leader was killed on the spot, the other officer managed to call for backup.

    The backup unit engaged the person and fired 10 shots in total with the 9mm handgun, striking 7 times. The person withstood all the hits and in his final effort crawled to the wounded officer and cut his throat.

    So yes, this is why police needs tools to ensure their safety and protect people around.

    Originally posted by careerchange#2;n4360641
    Young man everyone goes through tough times in life. You recognized the futile nature of your existence and attempted to employ deadly force to end it.

    Sadly, while the situation warranted deadly force, you applied it unsuccessfully. Had you been successful, your chances of hiring would have increased significantly as it would count as past experience.

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    You're preaching to the choir.

    I carry my issued Glock with three full-capacity mags on me.

    My M4 carbine next to me has a 30-round mag in it, three 30-round mags on the front of my LBT plate carrier, and nine more 30-round mags in my patrol bag. Ammo is one of those things that you should always bring enough to share.


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      But stuff like that doesn't happen in the United States. It happens "over there" (sarcastic tone)
      I'd rather be judged by 12 rather carried by 6.

      It should be noted that any and all post that are made are based on my own thought and opinions. And are not related or implied to represent the department I work for.


      • Aidokea
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        Yup. Columbine wasn't Columbine...until it was Columbine.

      • Hagen
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        For us, it's the other way around... "Stuff like this never happens over here so why would police need better equipment". Apparently, idiots are the same around the globe.

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      When you tell this to the willfully ignorant public, the answer you'll usually get is along the lines of "This is the risk you take when you sign up. If you can't do your job without the tools that I deem unnecessary, than you shouldn't have become a cop!"
      "If the police have to come get you, they're bringing an @$$ kicking with them!"
      -Chris Rock


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        Just a Canadian perspective:

        My kid carries a carbine on patrol with him, and wears his external SBA in a LBV, thankfully.
        #32936 - Royal Canadian Mounted Police - 1975-10-27 / 2010-12-29
        Proud Dad of #54266 - RCMP - 2007-02-12 to date
        RCMP Veterans Association - Regina Division member
        Mounted Police Professional Association of Canada - Associate (Retired) member
        "Smile" - no!


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          Did it seem like the officer was missing his mark? Sparks flying off the pavement indicate misses. Two to the body one to the head.


          • Aidokea
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            Adrenaline tends to make motor skills go right out the window.

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          I wouldn't be surprised if they still used FMJ duty ammo...


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