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    I am kinda wondering why you have gotten so touchy. I haven't said anything to offend anyone. I haven't said a thing about cops being bad or hating cops.I appreciate the police. I like good cops, I don't like bad cops. Just like with regular people. However, I basically made a tongue-in-cheek comment and you jumped on me. I am not trying to "overrun" you. I've only posted 7 or 8 times. I don't see what the problem is. I'm not biased in any way.

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    The topic was closed during my reply.. so I'll post it here:

    "Most political systems look great on paper, they all work on paper... however, when placed in action, most fail.. why? because most political systems fail to factor in the "human" factor or the society's morals. The model you described (Anarcism) will not work here in the US... it never will.. the American way is to better one's standing in society. Whether that's to accumlate money or power, it's a "ladder up" system.... the system you describe will never work in the US as most of us will never give up what we have/hold to better our neighbor.... "


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      No, you have made more than one smart a**ed comments to other members.

      You have no socially redeeming value. Unless you plan on changing, plan on being censored.


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        If you have a complaint with a moderators action or decision, you PM or email them. If it's not resolved that way, you PM or email one of the admins. But you don't start threads to complain about it.

        We do tolerate a lot here, but whining about censorship is not one of the things.


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