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Missing Person Case: Behind the coolers...


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  • Missing Person Case: Behind the coolers...

    This is a crazy story. In a nutshell, guy disappeared off the face of the earth ten years ago. Turns out he fell into a 18" space between a wall and big coolers at the grocery store he worked. The coolers were so loud, no one likely heard his screams for help. The store closed a couple of years ago and his mummified remains were recently discovered during renovations.


    It reminded me of a couple other similar situations from previous missing persons situations. Like the guy in Seattle 25 years ago... wife and kids disappeared and he claimed his wife left him and took the kids. No evidence of foul play was identified so police closed the investigation. There were even reports of sightings in other states. Turns out he axe murdered all of them, wrapped in sheets, and placed in a U Rent storage locker. Years passed and he moved to Idaho, remarried and started a new family. Eventually his new wife stopped paying the $50/month storage bill and just like that TV show Storage Wars, the unit contents were auctioned off. Except instead of discovering lost treasure, the buyers discovered mummified human remains.

    Or the case where a couple of women in a car went missing for years in Ohio, then one day a highway maintenance crew found their car upside down in heavy brush, a mangled tomb of metal and vegetation beneath a highway overpass.

    90,000 people are officially missing in the U.S., out there somewhere, waiting to be found...

    Chance favors the prepared mind.

    -Louis Pasteur

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