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Supposed Police "Inaction"


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  • Supposed Police "Inaction"

    In light of recent events, I've been thinking:

    When there are incidents where a person (or group of persons) get(s) attacked, and there are stories about those, many times, the police (if there's a police presence at all) will be accused of "doing nothing" or "turning a blind eye", as if they don't care one bit that someone is getting assaulted.

    Personally, I don't like that description of LE per se, but as a civilian, I don't really understand what officers are allowed or not allowed to do in such cases based on law and on department/agency policies.

    I appreciate all explanations and feedback!
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    You would have to be more specific about the scenario you're referring to. Sometimes, to use a cliche, "the wheels of justice turn slowly"...sometimes it's not a matter of police inaction but a matter of ongoing investigations that take time. Depending on the situation, there are also possible tactical concerns with making an arrest at that moment as opposed to identifying and arresting later.
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      Many times the decision to intervene/not intervene isn’t made by actual cops. Sure maybe the brass gives the order, but usually it is a political move one way or the other.

      People have the right to assemble and speak their mind. The police have an obligation to protect that right. Police also have the obligation to protect and serve the public. Sometimes it can be a fine line between the two.

      Too lenient and people get hurt, property gets damaged and chaos ensues. Too heavy handed and it becomes a PR fiasco.
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        If you are referring to Portland, the Police, under the control of a eunuch Chief, under orders from a Socialist Mayor, stood by and lost their manhood.
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          We're looking at retiring soon, and we have family in Portland, so Portland will probably be our first stop.

          It is unfortunate that it is not safe for me to take my custom-ordered Porsche convertible downtown, much less my wife's custom-ordered European Delivery BMW Track Pack car.

          We're looking at purchasing a medium-duty Mercedes-Benz Unimog 4x4 to build out into a motor home. That might be safe to take into Portland.


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            Originally posted by CCCSD View Post
            If you are referring to Portland, the Police, under the control of a eunuch Chief, under orders from a Socialist Mayor, stood by and lost their manhood.
            They are a mess, it may have something to do with DOJ oversight......
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              Damned if you do, damned if you do not, always underappreciated, overworked, improperly equipped, woefully underfunded, and dangerously understaffed; what did I miss, gals and guys?
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                The Portland mayor and police chief should be required to explain their actions fully, preferably in a federal court.

                Meanwhile, I can only hope that federal authorities are investigating and infiltrating violent protest groups, determining who is planning, coordinating, and funding episodes such as recently seen in Portland. Violent gangs behaving in a manner consistent with fascists and using fascist tactics while declaring themselves to be anti-fascists; Alinsky methods on public display!


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                  Many, many years ago, California had only two laws mandating that the police take action. One made it a crime for the police to fail or refuse to enforce certain gambling laws. The other made it illegal for the police to fail or refuse to enforce certain narcotics laws. Both have since been repealed.

                  Now, there is no penalty for failure of the police to act in California. It's been that way for years, long before we turned into a liberal state.

                  The logic behind this was that we lack the number of police to be everywhere, all the time, and to satisfactorily keep everyone safe and address everyone's problems. Somewhere in California's Government Code (I'm not going to look it up) it specifically states there is no requirement or mandate for the police to act.

                  Now, California does impose civil penalties if the police establish a "Standard of Care" and fail to maintain it. This involves the police making a specific promise of service and not making good on it. "If you ever need the police, just call and we'll be there in five minutes. We'll always keep you safe." That kind of stuff. We all know not to make that kind of promises.

                  I suspect most states have a similar lack of mandates for the same reason.

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                    I just listened on the radio to a neighboring agency have a stolen vehicle careening thru their jurisdiction. Originally pursued by Sheriff units but they discontinued at the town limits when the town refused to take over or even deploy stop sticks.. It caused 3-4 crashes before the subjects bailed out, stole another vehicle and continued on their way eventually leaving that city on the opposite side of where it came in. No one from that agency pursued the stolen vehicles. They cleaned up the TAs, complained to the Sheriff and moved on.

                    People could have been killed but as long as they don't do anything they can't be sued.
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