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    Anybody dropped the cash to get a custom earbud for your radio like these https://www.averysound.com/ or https://earinc.com/?

    I've been using the skeleton earbuds where you can stay covert but still hear what's around you, but they only last for so long before they lose their shape and have to be replaced. Admittedly, they're only about $10 for a 3-pack on Amazon, but I do tend to have to do a little aftermarket adjustment to make them fit comfortably (must have freaky-shaped ears, I guess). In comparison, it looks like the custom ones run anywhere from $80-$110.

    Anybody with first-hand knowledge who can say if they're worth it? Are they as comfortable as advertised? And, do they last?
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    I got a pair of my favorite comfortable sport ear buds ($20), cut the right one off, and use the left one in my left ear. Works awesome. Plugs into my shoulder mic and I run the cord under my shirt to my ear. Used it for over 5 years with no issues and they're made to withstand water/sweat.
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