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    Ok maybe this is a retarded question, but I had a couple of basic questions about how some of the simple things at the Police Academy work...

    I know that (here at least) every morning is PT. Do you ever spend all day just doing physical stuff, or is it like university where the PT has a set cutoff, and you go to a class for x amount of hours, and then another class for y amount?

    Most importantly.... do they let you shower in between? After only running 2 miles, I become what I would describe as "a disgustingly sweaty human being", I can handle not showering, but I don't know that the people around me could handle it...?

    Also, do they give you a break to eat at all (ie do you break for 20 minutes so everyone can scarf down something they brought)?

    Like I said, just some basic stuff.

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    no, you going to get smoked all day some days until they get a few people to quit

    you get sprayed with a fire hose alot so a shower isnt really a issue, and youll be in the surfzone getting smoked anyway..

    no food allowed in the academy, violations get immediate expulsion from training.

    wait.. you didnt say Navy Seal training did
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      My academy is 6 hours of classroom and 2 hours of PT/DT each day. Classes might be 1-4 hours long (like 7-11 AM is X class, 11-Noon lunch, 12-2 PM is Y class, 2-4 PT/DT)

      Some classes have PT/DT in the morning so they shower between it and class (they still only get ten minutes to shower and change though) whereas my PT/DT is the last thing of the day so I go home in PT gear and shower there.

      We get 10 minute breaks each hour of class time although sometimes these are cut short by announcements or push-ups. We also push at formation each morning and after lunch. More push-ups during the day if we screw up. Lunch is 40 minutes. The law says they have to give us a 30 minute lunch break at least. I keep lots of small snacks like fruit cups and yogurt shakes to scarf down on the ten minute breaks in the morning.

      If you sweat a lot, make sure to have 2 PT tee-shirts with you all the time so if you have the time you can change out of a sweaty shirt between things like running and tactics. One guy in my class goes through 3 tee-shirts in 2 hours, they are soaked like he fell in a pool.


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        Hm, good idea on the two shirt thing... Thanks for the reply, that's what I was lookin for !


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