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NC Swat Weapons Stolen from Unsecure Vehicle


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  • NC Swat Weapons Stolen from Unsecure Vehicle

    Okkkk, so, NC Swat officers stop in Memphis to eat on the way to a SWAT competition in Arkansas. They park the vehicle, allegedly with no alarm, in a blind spot, and go inside to eat.

    The scrotes pull directly up to their vehicle, in a stolen explorer from a casino, and in seconds walk away with 8 shotguns, assault rifles and handguns. It was as if they knew EXACTLY what vehicle to go to. It took them less than 20 seconds to pull up, take the weapons and drive off.

    The NC Swat officers made the report and allegedly continued on the the competition.

    One of the wonderful scrotes, God you gotta love this, drops his wallet in the stolen vehicle. The scrotes didn't search the stolen vehicle b/c they would have found $7,000 cash under the seat if they did.

    Memphis Police Director Larry "[email protected]$hole" Godwin complained that NC Swat officers didn't stay to assist in the investigation and specifically commented on the van they had not being alarmed, and that MPD Swat's vehicles were alarmed. Wahhh!!

    I was told by one of the officers involved that the vehicle was NOT locked.

    I feel for NC Swat. I mean, nobody would want a black eye like that. The video showing the guys breaking into their vehicle shows them simply opening the door.

    6 of the weapons have been recovered and at least 2 in custody.

    I feel for you NC Swat, but, when you come through Memphis, if it is important, staple it to your [email protected] or it will walk away.

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