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    I have a question about LED Lighting. I recently purchased 2 small led deck lights for the rear deck of my crown vic. I have a question about wiring them, they both came with cigar plug connections and I would like to hook them up to some sort of switch or maybe even a control switch. Is this possible and does anyone know how to do it.



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    yes it's possible.
    cut one of the wires and insert the switch in series.

    you have two wires running from the plug. one will be marked with a red strip or raised ridges. this is the "hot" wire. the other is ground. cut the hot wire, then wire the switch.


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      Do I need a power supply or is the switch box the actual power source?


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        the power comes from your cigarette lighter.

        you said you purchased two, each with a plug.

        do you want to use both at the same time? if so then you will need to cut both plugs off, wire the lights then the switch to one plug.

        have you determined that the wires are marked, meaning the red stripe/ridges?


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          Buy a cigar plug splitter at your local Radio Shack store; then plug both lights into it. If you buy one with a toggle switch, you can turn on both lights at the same time without having to activate them separately.

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            Sorry for the stupid questions Not much experience with wiring lights. I planned on putting 2 lights on the rear deck and wiring them to a switch if possible. The dilemna im having is running the wires from the back to the front with a cigar plug on the end


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              is your problem solved?


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                Still having difficulties, Im not that great with wiring things so I don't want to take any chances and short out the lighting I already have in my car Im going to try and read more and see if there are any articles or how-tos online.


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                  As VA Dutch said, get one of those cigarette lighter strips (similar to a power strip at home but with cigarette lighter holes). You can get them with a toggle switch already on the unit. Just flip the switch when you want them on.

                  As for running the wiring, its pretty easy (but tedious). Figure out where you want them mounted in the back and then find a direction to run the wires. I find that going in behind the rear seat at either side of the vehicle works best. from the rear of the seat go under the plastic that runs along the inside of the car just inside of the door. You will see some screws holding those plastic pieces in. Unscrew them to loosen them..and place wire underneath. Run the wire under this plastic at the rear door. Then you will find another plastic piece between the front door and the rear door...do the same thing by loosening it and putting the wire underneath. You will then do the same for the front door. At this point, you will now have the wire at the front of the drivers compartment and should come out near the emergency brake (if you ran it along drivers side). From there, put it under the interior (whether carpet or molding) from near the brake lever over to the center console.

                  There are other routes you could take but this is how I've wired stuff for any car...whether its lights or satellite radio.


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                    Your garage won't wire them for you?


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                      dont know

                      Im on nightshift now and I go back to days in a few so I will probably go down there and see if they will. Just wanted to know just in case they won't.


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