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Chicago officers played Russian Roulette


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    Put three knuckledragger-POS in a room and what do you get...…..this mess
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    Originally posted by Country_Jim
    ... Thus far, I am rooting for the zombies.


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      Originally posted by Langford PR View Post
      Put three knuckledragger-POS in a room and what do you get...…..this mess
      All three had less than two years on. Glad their careers ended before they had a chance to wreak havoc in the community. At least they kept the stupidity in-house. Question is: How did they manage to get hired in the first place?


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        Originally posted by not.in.MY.town View Post

        . Question is: How did they manage to get hired in the first place?
        Although the process is pretty good..................hundreds manage to slip through nation wide.

        Sometimes people change AFTER getting the job, and yes sometimes rather quickly.
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          I'm not buying the Russian roulette story


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            From KMOV TV on 14 February 2019:
            ST. LOUIS (KMOV.com) -- Court documents obtained by News 4 Wednesday provided new details into the shooting death of St. Louis Police Officer Katlyn Alix last month during a game similar to Russian Roulette.
            A newly-obtained court document states that, at the hospital, Hendren “spontaneously stated to his supervisor… that he did not try and kill the victim because he was in love with her and they were in an intimate relationship and were planning on moving into his apartment.”
            Previously, the exact relationship between Hendren and Alix had not been known, although the two sometimes patrolled south St. Louis as partners and were said to be friends.
            The court document additionally states that Hendren, Alix and the only other officer who was present at the time of the shooting were “very close friends who had a close work and social relationship.”
            The court document additionally states that the officer told investigators that Hendren and Alix were “consuming alcohol beverages and playing with their off-duty weapons.” Previously, the Circuit Attorney had stated that there was probable cause that drugs or alcohol may have been involved in the crime. Urine and breath tests were conducted on the officers, but blood was not taken.
            The other officer on scene stated that Hendren and the victim started to play Russian Roulette with a revolver, at which point the officer said he was uncomfortable with “the drinking of alcohol and the ‘gunplay,’ so he walked out of the living room, and as he did so, he heard a single gunshot,” the court document reads.
            Police found three cell phones at the scene. They are attempting to determine to whom the phones belong. The other officer on scene states that Alix had submitted several text messages to both officers that night, inquiring on their whereabouts, as well as phone conversations, “which led the victim” to Hendren’s apartment, according to the court documents.



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              ^That's a bit dated. Here's an update:


              I tried to cut and paste the article but too many links were attached to the article and it pasted a bunch of goobledeegook so here's the thumbnail update:

              -Hendren has been charged with involuntary manslaughter and is under house arrest.

              -Alix and Herndren were on the clock but instead of responding to a call, they were hanging out at his place, drinking, playing with a revolver.

              -Alix's husband is also a police officer in their department.

              This is all a cautionary tale with the worst possible outcome. I was having a conversation with a co-worker recently about some officers we knew who were wife swapping a few years back and how it all went south and they all ended up divorced and hating each other for the rest of their careers. Now I'm not saying wife swapping was occurring here but a married officer hanging out and drinking at her partner's crib while on the job is never a good idea. Add reckless gunplay and it becomes a real tragedy.

              An old salt once told me never to socialize or get involved with co-workers off duty any more than retirement and Christmas parties. That approach has worked well for me and I've seen many many people who didn't heed such advice make regrettable decisions and now someone else is raising their kids and living in their house and waking up next to their wives. And any officer who would have an affair with his partner, who is also married to another officer in their department, deserves zero respect.

              And why is this thread named Chicago when the officers were St. Louis?
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                Retired96 commented
                Editing a comment
                When I first posted this I had just finished watching Chicago PD, and for some reason I wrote Chicago rather than St. Louis...I try to edit it but was unable to edit the title.

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