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Federal Cop --- Which Health Insurance Should I Choose?


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    If you're a veteran and a cheap SOB. You can get the cheapest option they offer then go to the VA for your medical needs for free.

    If you have a medical emergency and no VA around, you can use that insurance just like the rest of the population. Then again the VA may help with that also. Never tried to use that option.

    The VA will charge you a co-pay for non service connected issues unless you have insurance.

    I always preferred the PPO type insurance over the HMOs. HMOs were cheaper but they had special requirements and if you didn't do them you would pay more out of pocket.


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      "reils49 commented
      01-11-2019, 07:05 AM
      I thought healthcare was free up there?"
      Yes, and no. GP, Dentists, and whatever DO charge, and we do have to pay for prescriptions, but a lot of stuff IS covered. Yes, there are times that it is tough to get surgeries done, due to waiting lists. Health delivery is also a Provincial (like a State, but not quite) responsibility, but funded by the Federal Government.

      The RCMP USED TO have its own Health system, or at least billing payment, so we would go in, get something done, sign a paper, and walk out, without much else to do. I also had extra coverage for my family that did not cost me anything, which I could have up-graded, but it would have simply covered semi-private, up to private, room cost for a hospital stay, and the basic no-cost plan was more than sufficient for us living in Saskatchewan.

      Just before I retired in late 2010, the Force transitioned to our members falling under Provincial health care, so all the active-duty members, and even retirees like me, had to get Health ID cards for the Province in which they / we reside. I signed up for a retiree health care plan, but even the basic level now requires me to pay some amount annually, plus some cost per issue, but nothing that will break me or my wife.

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        Being retired from LASD I am so lucky in that Los Angeles County after 25 years of service pay 100 percent of my health, dental and vision..Been retired for 22 years and I have not paid one cent for the health care coverage for me and my wife..
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          You there Sir.... I am so jealous of your health insurance costs.... I was soo born wayyyyyyyyyyyyy too late. Here I am squirreling away in my 457 for my health care cost......Continue to enjoy that retire for you.. enjoy some for me. I only have 23 years left!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IL Tier 2 pension.

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