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Please let me explain


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  • Please let me explain

    I was involved in a peacefull protest in canada about two months ago.
    After about an hour the riot police circled us and started a mass arrestation.
    I was outside in an icestorm for 3hours waiting to be arrested(more were outside for 5hours)I saw the police beat an innocent child and her mother and arrest(forcefully) a handicapped man.
    I was then put on a city bus with tie wraps on(I have nerve damage as a result)for 5hours I had to sit there.
    One girl without tie wraps was able to get the name of the officers but they took it away(illegal)
    When I was finally brought to jail my medication(which I need to breath)was taken away from me(illegal)

    7hours later I was out and charged with "unlawfull assembly" a law which soon might be abolished because it is unconstitutional

    please dont close this topic or ban me.

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    Don't believe you.

    As I am not a moderator I will simply suggest that you go cry on a forum that will give you some sympathy; I doubt you will receive any here.

    If you are just a trouble making troll then be gone!

    Anyone find it odd these malcontents all arrived here together?
    "Speed is fine, but accuracy is final"--Bill Jordan


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      Sorry about your bad luck, there punkboy, but you're looking in the wrong place for sympathy...you'll find it somewhere in the dictionary between s*** and syphillus.

      Now, go to one of your cop hating, militant boards and spread your stories of woe and despair because we're already sick of hearing them.

      Diatribe closed.


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