To make this as short as possible, im 21 and ive always wanted to become a police officer, however, I've had a problem thats been holding me back quite a bit in life. I suffer from some rare stomach/intestinal disease, which goes into overdrive whenever im in a classroom enviorment. Its always been this way, ever since I was a kid. A myriad of doctors and all they could really tell me was it being some form of aniexty, be it a brain-gut type connection, where when anxious (i.e, classrooms) it fires up. This got so bad that I ended up leaving high school at 15. I got my G.E.D a year later and attended college on and off due to this problem, while holding some pretty good sales jobs. In short, I dont know what it is, but I seem to have trouble sitting in classrooms. Its.... strange.. and stupid, to say the least, especially strange as im not an anxious person by nature. Im actually very extroverted. So, to my dream of becoming a plolice officer. I understand that one must attend the police academy, which varies in time but usally lasts around 6 months. Six months of mon-friday, 9-5, classroom settings.... oh boy. Should I even make an attempt? For what its worth, ive never seen a psychologist about this, you would think I would have by now, but some have suggested that xanax could possibly help. Ive never tried it but im a little weary of heading into the benzo territory, especially for 6 months.