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    Originally posted by tsmil View Post
    Do you have forensic experts - are these police officers "in uniform" or are they civil servants? Are they subordinate to the police or, for example, the Ministry of Justice?

    What are your requirements for working as a forensic expert? They can only be citizens of the relevant state?
    That depends on what you mean by "forensic experts." I, for example, do essentially what you do on a crime scene...find, document, and collect physical/forensic evidence. That's in addition to my normal duties as a uniformed police officer...this is common in smaller departments. The evidence that I collect it sent to a state crime lab where it's analyzed by scientists who are specially trained in different disciplines of forensic analysis...they're not police officers and only work in a lab covering a large region of my state that takes in evidence from many departments.

    When you get into larger departments, some have dedicated crime scene units and even their own labs. While I was going through training as an evidence tech, there were people from a larger department in the training who were not sworn police officers and were employed exclusively as evidence techs.

    So, the answer is, it depends on the department.
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      We were trained in fingerprints/fingerprinting, pfitography and evidence collection in the academy, but we received a lot more refined training in subsequent classes over the years. Even so, we have civilian crime scene technicians who we'd call out to scenes which called for specialists like them.

      Our sister agency has officers as evedence technicians, but I'd probably have quit if I was put there due to the complexity the job requires nowadays, the high call volume and the frequent court appearances. Y'all evidence techs who know your crappe, I salute you!


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        Originally posted by PeteBroccolo View Post
        RCMP and other Canadian Police Services have niformed investigators that specialize in crime scene evidence-gathering (photo and video recording (by hand or drone), latent fingerprints, DNA, tool marks), but they will forward the evidence to our crime labs (several are operated by the RCMP, while the Provinces of Ontario and Quebec have their own) or to central criminal fingerprint records (RCMP) for analysis by civilian specialists (chemistry, engineering, DNA, fingerprint comparison).

        Some uniformed General Duty investigators are additionally trained to lift latent prints, but send recovered prints to the civilian analysts.

        Canadian GD uniformed investigators are often tasked with less-complicated scene (break-in, assault, vehicle collision) photo / video recording.
        As far as I know Canada has a large diaspora from Ukraine)))

        The police officer or forensic expert can only be a citizen of Canada?


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          Example: I am an investigator for a small department (40 sworn) in the US.
          For burglaries and other felonies, I usually collect my own evidence, bag it, tag it and submit it to a state funded forensic lab for analysis.

          The same holds true for homicide cases, if they are not too complicated or require a lot of different forensic disciplines such as latent prints, firearms, serology, fibers, etc.

          For those complicated or multiple victim homicides, I will usually request a state Crime Scene Unit respond to the scene.With that also will come a investigative agent to assist in interviews and other later investigative functions.

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            Originally posted by tsmil View Post

            As far as I know Canada has a large diaspora from Ukraine)))

            The police officer or forensic expert can only be a citizen of Canada?
            Many Canadian citizens are of Ukrainian heritage.

            It depends on the Police Service; RCMP Members have to be Canadian citizens, while many Municipal Police Services do not have that requirement.
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