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Hopefully I just saved someone's life in the future


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  • Hopefully I just saved someone's life in the future

    So I just got back from work at 2:30am and pull into the parking garage I usually leave my car in (I live on a collage campus). As I pass by this black acura (kind of ****ed cause he was in the spot I usually park in away from the other cars ) I notice that its drivers side door was wide open. So I park my car and go over to see whats up. Well I find this guy passed out in the drivers seat covered in puke (I should have taken pictures). I tap the guy on the shoulder asking if he's ok, to make sure he wasn't dead, and he wakes up all dazed without saying a work and closed the door. So I did what any good citizen would do and dropped by the university PD and told the cops all about it. I guess he'll be spending the night in a jail cell.

    Now I don't go around snitching on people for doing anything illegal, but when you pass out and puke all over yourself and your car, you should not be driving. Hopefully he'll think the next time he thinks about driving drunk.

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    Definantley. ANY individual that gets behind the wheel inerbriated is a danger, and by allowing him to stay in the car he could have awoken from his drunken slumber and try to drive off, possible killing people, so in essence, you may have saved numerous lives.

    I for one am never happy to see a drunk behind the wheel. I wouldn't worry about being a snitch you did the right thing.
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      You probably saved his life or the potential innocent person he could have slammed into.
      When I was younger I was a bouncer at this bar in my home town. 2 nights in a row, as we were leaving, we found the same guy passed out in his car with it running. Both nights he went to jail. Best part was my dad arrested him the second night. True story.
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        Once while cart attending I saw a white Cavalier parked away from the other cars, with the driver's door open. There were a bunch of carts down near there, so I used that as an excuse to get a better look. I walked around the car from the passenger's side and saw a little boy, maybe three or four years old, standing alone next to the car while his guradian sat inside the car for well over an hour and a half, popping pills from what I could tell. In any eventuality, It wasn't safe for the little boy to stand out there like that, so I told my store security who alerted mall security, and by the time I left for the day, I saw a mall security van with lights flashing next to the vehichle, and a security guard telling the lady off. mission accomplished.

        BTW: GOOD job Egl_81. One more drunk driver off the road thanks to you.
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          not only did you save others from him waking up and driving off drunk (you can still be drunk after sleeping) You got him to move so he wont drown in his own puke, moving move the liquid and he could have been pooling in it.\

          but yuck----
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