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  • Lithotripsy

    I'm wondering if anyone here has undergone the lithotripsy procedure. And if so, did it work for you? Any complications? Was more than one treatment needed?

    My doctor's office called me tonight and wants to set me up for an appointment to give it a try for the kidney stones. My doc honestly doesn't think it will be effective because of the size of the stone, but if it works <keeping my fingers crossed>, chances are good that I won't have to be hospitalized.

    That was one option that was discussed before I left the hospital, but the route my doc thinks I really will have to go is a little more involved. He's inclined to think an incision would be the best method because of the size (2cm) and location of the stone on the right side (I have them on both sides, with numerous ones on the right). The following paragraph is some info I found on the procedure my doc wants to do:

    *Percutaneous Stone Removal
    When stones are quite large (more than 2 cm) or in a location that does not allow effective lithotripsy, a technique called percutaneous stone removal may be used. In this method, the surgeon makes a small incision in the back and creates a tunnel directly into the kidney. A tube is inserted and the stone is removed through this tube.

    Sounds like fun, eh.

    When I spoke with the medical receptionist earlier, I was told that because the lithotripsy machine is mobile, it only comes to the hospital on certain days. The day they want to schedule me is a day I don't want to go. The machine will be at the hospital on Sept. 11th, and out of respect for what happened to our country and all who died, I don't want to go, but I may not have much choice.

    I have lots of questions to ask my doc tomorrow when I go for appointment and I can start worrying all over again. What joy.

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    If I understand what lithotripsy is, they put you in a tank of water and then blast the area with pressure of some type i.e. sound wave or some other type of wave.

    Have never had this done, and I am not trying to scare you in any way, but have been told that the force they hit the stone with is like taking a hit in the back with a baseball bat. If that is the case, you will be sore after they do that.

    Can't say what I would do if I were in your shoes, but I feel for you either way. Have been told that the closest a man can come to experiencing the pain of childbirth is to pass a kidney stone. I hope I never experience that. I think I drink enough water to keep my system flushed out, at least I hope so!

    Will be keeping you in thoughts and prayers that everything works out ok whichever way you choose to go. Hang in there girl!

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      Thank you, Tex.


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