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5.11 uniform question anybody else wear em?


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  • 5.11 uniform question anybody else wear em?

    Our PD is switching to an optional uniform consisting of the 5.11 canvas style pants in navy or khaki with polos. We have the summer polos picked out, but i was wondering what any of you that wear this uniform style do year round for a shirt? it gets cold here in Illinois and it would be nice to find something that looks professional and functional at the same time. Thanks in advance!
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    Our unit went to the 5.11 tactical pants with a polo or golf type shirt. The 5.11 were nice pants, comfortable with lots of pockets, but shrank a bit or I grew taller after washing and drying. After about a year and one half the pants were showing lots of wear. We then switched to navy blue BDU's..much better.
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      I have been wearing the 5.11 tactical button down shirt and I really like it. Lots of pockets and very comfortable. I have been wearing it for about 4 months and no problems yet.
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        Yes - I'm Police Officer in upstate New York. We went to the tactical pants and polo shirts about 2 years ago. Its optional for us, meaning we pay for the uniform out of our pocket, its not part of the uniform allowance package we have.
        We can switch into them early spring to mid-fall (weather permitting). We have the tactical BDU's, polo shirt with patch and shield and baseball cap with minature patch. Personally I like them, very comfortable.


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          About 2 years now,we have the khaki bdu pants and navy blue polo shirts.It doesn't get that cold here but some of our chilliy williys wear a black long sleeve t-shirt,vest,than polo shirt.Most that do that dont even need a jacket.I strongly advise against the khaki,even a dry cleaner cant get the wrinkles out (look at their ads,they are even wrinkled there) and the worst thing is at night they stick out like neon lights.
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