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anyone see this?


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  • anyone see this?

    I was just wondering if anyone saw this episode of COPS. Aside from it being hilarious, any LEOs want to share what they may have done differently?


    [Please note that I post and label this video as humorous in nature because of the factors surrounding the event and not solely based on the fact that a little person was involved]

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    No way that was real... If I ran from the cops then tried to climb up a pole to escape they wouldn't be taking me to jail, not on job interviews...


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      That was... interesting. I'm kind of curious is if the guy ever showed back up to claim the job or if he diddled it away.
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        Yeah I saw that one and definately laughed my back end off. I think the funniest part is that you can see the officer trying not to laugh most of the time (especially when he's trying to climb up the pole).


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          Just imagine this. . . .at roll call. . .

          Police Captain: Officer Rosenthal, step forward. . .
          Officer Rosenthal: Yes, sir!

          Police Captain: Well, so how was last night's beat?
          Officer Rosenthal: I had to run down a vertically challenged person. . .

          Police Captain: Huh? You mean a short guy?
          Officer Rosenthal: Well, not just a short guy but a. . .

          Police Captain: Oh you mean a midget!!!!!!
          Officer Rosenthal: Yes sir, a midget.

          Police Captain: That explains all the midget jokes about you today!


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            what would be done differantly?
            after the first jolt down the sidewalk- cuffs.
            there would ahve been no pole, no flips no other runnings.

            but then again he said when he pulled up- *he was difficult before*

            if that was real that cop needs to earn how to control the situation.
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            Oscar Wilde


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              Me, I'd carry a squirt bottle of water like Dr.Evil used on minnie me in Austin Powers.
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                haha that was great! nice back handsprings


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                  Heh, was a good laugh, I'd have to agree with the above in that he'd have been in cuffs after the first disregard of authority.


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                    I wouldnt have played that game. I am with the others...you run the first time, you are in cuffs. The "little person" had to have been on something, alcohol, drugs, whats wrong with a diorderly charge fot the night.


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