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Don't be a lazy law enforcement trainer!


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  • Don't be a lazy law enforcement trainer!

    I was going to post this in the training forum but it is really important for would-be and future trainers to be aware of this as well as current and seasoned law enforcement educators.

    I have had the opportunity to attend three off site advanced training classes in the last month. (That’s pretty good for my agency considering they paid for a nice hotel for two of them.)

    Anyway, IMHO, the sure sign of a LAZY instructor or training bureau is one who offers as the main portion of their handout material nothing more than photo copies of their PowerPoint presentation.

    If you have been to (or worse yet, taught) one of these classes you know exactly what I mean. Adding a little space next to the copy of the slide is of little consolation. These ridicules booklets or notebooks have small writing, since they are meant to be projected onto a screen and not made into a book. Also, once transferred into a book, the photos are usually black and white and so off contrast they are useless.

    So I am asking trainers and future trainers alike, if you are going to go to the trouble to become an instructor, especially of an advanced topic, and you want to extend your creditability not only as a subject expert but as an educator, PLEASE take the time to create a usable, legible, and professional reference manual made to complement, not replace, your PowerPoint presentation.

    End of rant…thank you.
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    To build on that, hand out the printed copies of the PowerPoint at the end of the day. That way, the class won't be reading ahead and losing interest by the time you get to the slide.

    Also, an instructor should have his presentation memorized. He shouldn't have to read off the screen. The slide should just summarize what he is saying. There is no point to telling us exactly what the screen says. Expand on every point.
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      I would have to totally agree with you on that. In my office, we continually rotate training, with one person giving training on a certain section/policy ect... (i.e. my last training topic I had to give was on the rights of rape/sexual assault victims, and the first 24 hours) While I did the popular thing of having a power point presentation, I also had a handout with a number of different tools, contact numbers and additional information ect. But I have seen it also exactly how you describe it.


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        Death by Powerpoint bullets

        As someone whose day job is instructional design and trainer workshops, I see many trainers...
        - who think they don't need to prepare because they know the course already
        - who pepper the class with PowerPoint slides riddled with bullets that you die of boredom before they even finish reading the course objectives
        - who are old school, meaning they stand up front and talk and talk, while the participants should just sit, shut up and listen sans questions
        - who demonstrate their expertise by ridiculing, insulting or talking down the class (especially when someone has a question)

        Every effective I trainer I know brings with her/him:
        - knowledge of the subject matter
        - knowledge of instructional techniques for adult learners
        - training materials that as detsarg put it perfectly, 'complement the instruction, not replace it'
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