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What is the ratio of female to male dispatchers?


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    Originally posted by JPatrick
    Hmmm.... and my experience with air traffic control (purely anecdotal, mind you) is that the stress level can be similar with a lot of rather similar activities. Yet, there are, I'd say at least half males in ATC. To me, this would seem to call into question the premise that "women handle it better".

    I'm thinking that there's a cultural component to the large female skew in police dispatching.

    This would be a fascinating research topic. Might make a good book if it's well-written.
    ATC is a little different because of the need to visualize aircraft in three dimensions. It's more than just handling information. Public safety communicators have to do a limited amount of visualization, but it's in two dimensions and it mostly has to do with proximity to call locations. I can't speak to this personally, but I have read that women don't do as well at spatial orientation as men, where they do beat men in fine motor control under stress. There are certainly going to be extremes on both sides - this is a generalization. The article I was reading was discussing the introduction of women into the ranks of fighter pilots. On the whole, the women weren't as good at dogfighting, which requires a high degree of spatial orientation, but they were better than the men at precision flying, which had more to do with fine motor control. Don't ask me the name of the article - I'm doing well just to remember this much.
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      Generally speaking there are many more females in dispatch then men. But either are capable of doing the job. I've trained both and have seen success and failure for both sides.

      Pay is generally lower then police as far a top out. Starting pay can often be equal. But, this depends on locality, cost of living, and unions. Non pay benefits are often the same way.

      Retirement is one sided in favor of the police. Dispatchers are rarely included in early retirement incentives. Many dispatchers are not even considered public safety employees.

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        Our dept doesn't use civilians. We have 1 female, who nobody really likes and can't wait till she moves onto something else, and 9 males.


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