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  • A Motor Cop's Job........

    Interesting GoPro videos from Europe. While they appear to do things a little differently over there, drivers seem to be universal. No one pays attention to the bike cop, even when he's dressed in bright yellow, has his lights and siren on, waves his arms and blows his whistle. I can't understand what the officers are saying, but if anyone can translate, no doubt it's something that would result in letter of counseling.

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    I see two things they could do better/more of.

    1) More pointing directly at the drivers they want to stop before putting the palm up.

    2) Don't relinquish the intersection until the last vehicle in the convoy has exited the intersection.

    But yeah, a lot of HUA drivers.

    What country is this, and do all meat wagons have motors to escort them in that country?
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      It looks like the Netherlands.

      Ambulances here are able to clear intersections themselves without too much drama. I don’t think giving them an escort like this would make a huge difference in terms of time saved.


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        Thanks for another interesting video, L-1.

        All I really want to know is what Dutch motor guys use to keep their helmets so yellow and shiny...


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          The entire police community knows it was a CHP motor officer who, after years of experimentation, was able to refine car urine as the world's finest polishing agent. After patenting it, he made a fortune selling the rights to a manufacturing company. Remember, CHiPpie motor officers lead the way in innovation (and crazy).

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