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    I remember the last procession I was in here in Wyoming. I never knew there were that many cops here!

    As we drove through downtown Douglas, a town of 5,000, mostly farm and ranch support, a little boy and his dad, emerged from the town barber shop onto main street both sporting sn***y new haircuts and John Deer ball caps.

    They were holding hands. As I passed, I saw the dad kneel down and explain to the awestruck little boy why all the shiny police cars were driving slow with their lights flashing.

    The dad stood back up and both he and then his little boy, took their hats off, held them over their hearts and remained that way till every car had passed.

    There were 150 cars and I was the fourth. The guys at the end told me the boy and his dad remained to the end.

    It brough a tear to my eye to experience that support.
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      Every time I go to a cop funeral, I tell myself its the last one I'll attend. I'm tired of putting brothers into the ground and it really takes a toll on me everytime. Yet, everytime one comes up, I'm on my way....

      When my dad died, the line of police cars was 8.5 miles long. Its an image I will never forget. We had cops from every corner of the US and Canada, including an honor guard from the RCMP. Its at those moments you realize exactly why this isn't a career choice, its a brotherhood.


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