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Nationwide pawn database including photos and it's free


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  • Nationwide pawn database including photos and it's free

    Take a look at what these departments are starting to use:

    Attention Police Officers!
    Do you suffer from:

    • A cumbersome manual paper trail for every item accepted by a pawn shop?
    • Excessive manpower needed to match up pawn slips to stolen item reports?
    • Wasted police manpower trying to track down owners of pawned items?
    • The inability to spot criminal trends perpetrated through pawn shops?

    Would you like:

    • An automated, easy way to track pawned items?
    • A more efficient use of your manpower to fight crime?
    • An increase in your percentage of theft cases?
    • An easier way to spot trends in theft through pawn shop activity?

    JustStolen.net can help!

    JustStolen.net was established by Police Officers to assist consumers and law enforcement retrieve lost or stolen valuables. This powerful database has several components that can assist law enforcement perform their job easier and more efficiently.

    The Pawn Shop Database allows Law Enforcement to monitor pawn shop activity electronically. It eliminates the cumbersome “pawn slip” process, and allows Police Departments statewide or nationwide to run reports against the pawn shop database. Police will know immediately that a stolen item has been pawned, who brought the item into the shop, and the date and time the item was entered by the pawn shop into the debase. Police can even view photos of pawned item.

    Departments can even allow owners of lost or stolen items to view photos of pawned items to speed up recovery and retrieval of the item, making the Officer’s job that much easier.

    No other website offers this remarkable service, and the benefits are great:
    • An easy-to-use website
    • A powerful database that automates all pawn slip activity
    • The ability to track and search for an individual’s activity
    • The ability to search pawned items by numerous criteria including description, serial number or any attribute Police Departments require

    Best of all, it’s FREE! There is no charge to Law Enforcement to use JustStolen.net
    Go to www.Juststolen.net today

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    Why not just change your user name to Spammy McSpammer?
    Government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem. - Ronald Reagan

    I don't think It'll happen in the US because we don't trust our government. We are a country of skeptics, raised by skeptics, founded by skeptics. - Amaroq


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      No s**t. This is the umpteenth post about it.


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