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  • question for corrections officers

    Hello all, first let me state for the record i am a security officer and i know i may get flammed for being one and posting, but i would like to ask a question of the corrections officers here...

    1. question - In your state do corrections officers wear and/or are sworn in by the local county sheriff or state dept, or do they were "jail/prison" specific uniforms and hold civilian positions or is it a mix of both ?
    here in utah as far as i know our jails are ran by local sheriffs, corrections officers where the county sheriff uniforms, they are sworn positions, although there are a few civilian positions such as clerks.....
    in utah we also have private correctional institutes which are civialian staffed by private companys such as mtc.......

    2. question - In your state are corrections officers required to complete p.o.s.t training ?

    3. question - In your state are corrections officers allowed full LEO powers ? (i.e enable to initate a traffic stop if in a county sheriff vehicle? even though its a jail/prision vehicle?) im not 100 % sure about this in utah, but i do know that a sworn leo, in the state of utah has juristidition over the entire state and not nessecarliy the department boundries to which he is employed, meaning a salt lake city cop, could pull you over in st.george if he felt like it... or a university cop could pull you over in the city, while off campus.... just curious if the it is the same in other states..

    i am looking to possible join salt lake county sheriff department as a correctional officer.. with in the next 1-2 years..

    so any input would be helpful.

    thanks much

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    at the county I work Detention officers have no more power of arrest than the average person. You have to go threw about 160 hours of training. Once you have worked there a while you can be promoted to Deputy.( as I was ) Some counties do though have commishioned officers in the jail but not many. So no a detention officer can not make a traffic stop.( in the state I live in )
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      In Minnesota, Hennepin County in particular, they can be either. There are sworn deputies, who are just like any other peace officer. There are non-sworn jailers who have no authority outside the jail. The sworn officers generally spend the first yearof their service in the jail and then progress to other duties.


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        In Marion County, Oregon and for all county jails in oregon for the most part:

        1.- All the Deputy positions are sworn L.E. as they are sworn in by the Sheriff. We have positions such as mine that are non-sworn but work within the facility assisting the deputies.

        2.- Yes

        3.- I can't speak for other counties within the state, but our deputies are not allowed/trained to handle those types of situations, but they are required to carry a firearm (in uniform outside of the facility) and are encouraged by the sheriff to carry off duty. As far as doing a public duty besides inside the jail or a transport, they are expected to be trained observers.

        As far as the State Prisions go, I have no clue as to how they run. I do know however that they have to get a conceled weapons permit to carry off duty as county only needs their badge.
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          In VA, some of our state-employed prison guards (also known as corrections officers) do have "arrest" powers.....although they are limited in scope (escapees, etc.). If their badge has the state seal on it, they are considered 'law enforcement' and have capacity to arrest in certain situations. (Even a fire marshal has some powers of arrest under particular circumstances, while a regular firefighter does not. Again, look at the badge for the state seal.)

          As for county/city, it varies by agency. Where I worked, both our court services deputies and patrol deputies were law-enforcement certified and could make traffic stops.....though the court guys seldom would do so. We all went through the same academy, even though some guys never did patrol work at all.

          In other jurisdictions (especially places with a police department), you might find deputies whose only duty is civil process, transport or working in the jail. IMHO, it pretty much depends upon the rules they are given by their bosses. It can also be political, and depend upon the relationship between the elected county sheriff and the appointed county chief of police.

          To muck up the works even more, we have conservators of the peace who act as police officers under certain circumstances.

          If you want to be safe around here, just behave yourself around any vehicle with blue lights. Heck, even our jail truck had an all-blue light bar on its roof - even though I doubt it ever made a single traffic stop.

          The comments above reflect my personal opinion as a private citizen, ordinary motorist and all-around good guy.

          The aforementioned advice should not be construed to represent any type of professional opinion, legal counsel or other type of instruction with regard to traffic laws, judicial proceedings or official agency policy.


          "Ignorance on fire is hotter than knowledge on ice."


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            In NY they have State Correction Officers that are considered Peace Officers under NYS Law

            Then (I am speaking of Onondaga County) They have C/O who work for the County Jail and they have Jail Deputies. Both cosidered Peace officers.

            2. question - In your state are corrections officers required to complete p.o.s.t training ?
            NYS C/O I think have an 8 week academy. Onondaga County 13 weeks.

            No Traffic stops. There are differences in Police and Peace Officers in NYS.
            Peace Officers cannot make warrant arrests
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