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So I'm watching US Marshalls


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  • So I'm watching US Marshalls

    and I've come to the conclusion that the beginning is, in all likelyhood, pretty accurate. Police raid happens, suspects come out swinging knives, frying pans, themselves, etc... police hit the big guy on the head after he BITES one of the officers, and the media's comment is "allegations of excessive force".

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    I thought US Marshall's was a pretty good movie. And you are right, that was what probably would happen. If one of those reporters could be made a police officer for just ONE day....
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      I remember years ago taking the Citezen's Police academy at St. Paul.... I thought it was great and informational.. I just dont wonder why they haven't made a television show like that... Yanno to give the public a better understanding of what the job is like.... COPS and shows like that dont really go into depth, they explain the calls sorta, but usually they show all the cluster F*** calls.

      I think the public would get into a show like that. Something that explains specifically why police do what they do... Yanno..

      History, patrol, investigations DTF, Crime Lab, Juvi Crime, dispatching, use of force, K-9, Gangs. Just to name a few topics.
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        If one of those reporters could be made a police officer for just ONE day.
        Actually some PD's have done just that by running members of media through an abbreviated Citizens Academy.

        Shoot/don't shoot scenarios, resistive combatives, etc.

        Sure gives them a different outlook.
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          Great movie line from US Marshalls:

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