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Line of Duty Deaths


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  • Line of Duty Deaths

    browsing, there were 142 officers killed in the line of duty in 2006. Based on that website's statistics, thats the lowest number since 1965 when 136 officers were killed.

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    While the overall numbers are good, a deeper look shows a disturbing trend. Traffic related deaths are up 16% from last year. They've been growing each year.

    Guys and Gals, please wear you're seatbelts, use passenger side approachs whenever possible, wear the weenie traffic vest, and slow down. (I have trouble with that last one, but I'm working on it. )

    Let's make 2007 one for the record books with the fewest lost heroes ever.

    Stay Safe all.


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      Although the numbers for 06 are "low", it has not stopped criminals trying to kill police in the US. There seemed to be alot more "close calls" in 06. Whether it was a vest stopping it or gunfire missing vital organs. The two Buffalo NY Officers, the two LAPD officers, two Long Beach PD officers are three that come to mind, however there was probably at least 12 to 15 similar incidents in 06.


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        If it wasent for the invention of the ballistic vest, the switch over to the semi-automatic pistol (in most agencies) and the better training the numbers would be much much higher then they are ...

        Thank god for modern technology!


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          A lot of good points made, especially regarding the medical advances. I'll throw into the mix: Communications (and other technological) advances have improved access to emergency assistance for injured officers.


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            I work for the largest police force in Australia, we did not convert to semi auto pistols until around the beginning of 1998 (mind you it took until late 1999 for most police to be trained and re armed with the Glock .40 cal) Before that we had the S and W .38 special with the three inch barrel and we carried a whole six extra rounds. The brass and politicians had their heads stuck in the sand for along time before that though.

            It took the shooting deaths of two police officers in 1995 and the recommendation from the State Coroner regarding those deaths before the funding and decision was made to go the way of semi auto pistols. The bottom line was that the second officer died while he was trying reload. I still remember the shock and sadness I felt when I saw the news flash. It still angers me that it takes such an incident before the powers to be react.

            The investment in the Glocks was repaid in spades in December 1998. After a short car chase, then foot chase an offender opened fire on an officer as he climbed a chain link fence. The officer was struck once in the leg and once in the wrist. The officers partner who was arresting a second offender has emptied his 15 round clip at the crook doing the shooting. End result, crook wears 8 rounds (did not die, but is wheel chair bound for life) and the other officer recovers from the two wounds he suffered. If it was not for the Glock I have no doubt that officer would be on the police memorial.

            Thanks for the rant.


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