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Ever have one of those "Jerry Springer" days?


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  • Ever have one of those "Jerry Springer" days?

    I swear every call today involved cast members of Jerry Springer...it was wierd. Started at 0640 with a violent disturbance at the "Smith" residence. You know the type...been there 15 times...know the whole family is crazy...the inbred 21 and 18 year old sons are 300 pounds each. The kind of call where you approach the door with OC in hand. Told dispatch to change the emergency tone to "Dualing Banjoes" when sending us there.
    Then there was the neighbor who took down another neighbors privacy fence without consent.
    The 18 year old who is pregnant by Cletus but now lives with Bubba and Cletus' new woman is calling and making threats to beat her until she has a miscarraige.
    Etc, etc......it was funny to a point. Then it got to be a drag. Loooong day.
    Ya think the newly flouridated water is to blame?

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    Are you sure you weren't in Georgia this morning? I'm positive I talked with that same bunch today. I don't think it's the water. They probably haven't used water in years much less brushed their tooth with it.


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      nah it aint the water... that keeps your teeth clean. [Wink]

      yeah sorta.. Mines just plain gross, I get to work at 3 pm today and I have to check on a prisoner.... I go back.... he comes up to the door, ..so I log it on the paperwork.

      I go back up front and I look up at my monitor and he's errr..... how do you say... "spanking the monkey".... I was laughing so hard.. cause he was making this face like he was moaning . I left him in privacy for a few minutes... and turned back around and noticed he was finished and pulling up his drawers....lol was funny

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      Oh... Oh... I know you di-int!


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        I'm having one of those right now at work.


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          Man, even I had one of those days and I work at a drug store. Surprise.
          Trampy *** 40 y.o. with 25 y.o. son came in- she was practically toothless, wearing a see-thru short black dress- arms covered in bruises, orange hair that was thinner than my grandfathers... Bought like 6, 40s of Beast and a carton of Hi Vals. ugh.
          Then there was the 23 y.o. who tried to buy a 6 pack of bud, but was with this girl who looked about 15, with no ID- started screaming at me about how he was 23 and could buy the damn beer. Buddy- the more you scream at me, the more I'm going to enjoy watching your *** walk out the door empty handed.
          But the one that ****ed me off the most: A mother came in with a tiny baby who looked like he was starving: gaunt as all hell - but she buys $46.50 worth of candy, chips, soda, and ice cream with FOOD STAMPS! ARGHHHHHHHHHHHH! She had enough cash of course to buy some Bud and Cigs though. As I'm watching her leave the store, I'm fuming already and she gets in the car, and drives off with the baby in her LAP, cigarette in hand. I was SO pizzed off.
          Don't take life too seriously- you'll never come out of it alive.


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            Monday morning I come into the office just wanting to finish my coffee, review the reports from the weekend and tie up a heap of loose ends from the week before. That lasted all of 10 minutes.

            Any time you hear "we met in prison", "me and my neighbor were dating and we just broke up" and "all three of us are friends", it's not gonna be a good story.

            Sunday morning one of the road units is on his way to gas up and comes across this guy, beat to bloody hell, sitting in a truck with his dad and his girlfriend/ex-girlfriend/neighbor.

            Turns out that about 4am, the third wheel/prison cell mate breaks into the victim's house armed with a machete and a wooden club. He whacks the victim a few times about the head and shoulder with the club until it breas over his head, ties up the victim with a TV cord, starts swinging the machete at him (this ain't no s***, fellas...he actually tells the guy "some call it a Keiser blade, I call it a sling blade....mmmmmm hmmmmm.") and ends up putting a nasty gash on his calf. As the guy is still tied up, he drags him around the house and makes a bunch of light cuts on the back of his neck with a knife as some form of torture. He then drags the victim across the street to make him apologize to the ex-girlfriend for breaking her heart.

            He then packs the ex and the victim up in the car and drives him to the hospital (nice guy, huh?), all the while punching him. Instead of dropping him off at the hospital, he dumps him from the car on the side of the road and takes the ex, against her will, toward Orlando where he subsequently stops the car just off the Interstate and goes to a seedy part of town with a TV in his arms (this part is still under investigation).

            The suspect was released from prison in February and decided to look up an old friend. They've been palling around for some time now and, well, I guess the spark is gone. He's on PRR (Prison Release Re-offender) and is looking at serving day for day (two life felonies and a second degree felony).

            That just started the downward spiral to my week and it just keeps getting better! I simply can't wait to go to work on Monday morning and see what else could have happened!


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              Hah, sounds like all of you need to start dealing with a higher class of people.


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                 - :FLLawDog. Wow.
                & Hey- I hope your week gets seriously better!

                [ 08-17-2002, 05:15 PM: Message edited by: ghost ]
                Don't take life too seriously- you'll never come out of it alive.


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                  Burt Reynolds and a hunting bow could solve those problems.
                  Government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem. - Ronald Reagan

                  I don't think It'll happen in the US because we don't trust our government. We are a country of skeptics, raised by skeptics, founded by skeptics. - Amaroq


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