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More anti-firefighter rhetoric


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  • More anti-firefighter rhetoric

    It's kind of weird that this topic has been coming up, beacuse this happened to me yesterday.

    I was asked by a local daycare center to come speak to a group of kids about being a police officer. No big deal, I did it last year. However when I pulled up to the daycare yesterday, I see a fire truck from a neighboring community. I knew I was in trouble then.

    I make my way up to the room, and in the room that I was going to present at was Firefighter Steve. Steve was just finishing up a presentation to the class. That's where the problems were:

    Firefighter Steve was all decked out in his firefighter gear including helmet, jacket, breathing apparatus, you name it. He even let the kids try on his jacket. Now it's my turn. I obviously don't want to show the kids my Glock, O.C., baton, or magazines, so what do I show them? My flashlight Whoopee!!

    Firefighter Steve: 1 Me: 0

    After I gave my little speech about strangers and getting lost in the store and how police officers can help you find your lost doggy, we go down to the parking lot to show the kids my squad. Firefighter Steve goes down too. He shows the kids his fire truck. I let the kids take a look in the evidence kit, and look through a magnifying glass. I turned on the lights and sirens for a bit. For a treat, I let all the kids pile in the back seat of the car. I think I am doing well. You know what Firefighter Steve did? He let the kids sit in the driver's seat of the fire truck and hit the air horn. Great!

    Score: Firefighter Steve: 2 Me: 0

    After the presentation was over, I had a present for the kids. I had junior police officer stickers for all the kids. They were shiny and gold and shaped like badges. I was like, "Take that Firefighter Steve!" Steve then gives the kids plastic firefighter helmets. The kids could care less about the stickers. They had cool red firefighter helmets. I threw my hands up in the air. That was it.

    Final score: Firefighter Steve: 3 Me: 0

    Moral of the story:
    In the eyes of 3 year olds, firefighters are a lot cooler than police officers. Thanks Firefighter Steve!!
    "I assume you all have guns and crack."

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    Badger, it sounds like you were destined to get your butt kicked by Firefighter Steve but handcuffs might have been better than the flashlight! If you really want to kick Steve's butt next year, bring a K9.
    Bill R


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      And firefighters aren't resented for "taking my daddy to jail". [Eek!]


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        I'd take you over Firefighter Steve any day!



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          I have lots of respect for firefighters, my brother is one. I'm glad that they are there for us. But let steve try to give you a ticket, HE CAN"T!!!!


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            Out of pure curiousity, what kind of qualifications do firefighters have to be firemen? Our Fire Department is pure volunteer. Some of them look completely lost. Im going to have to check this out.
            Oh... Oh... I know you di-int!


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              I'm with MK. I can't say anything bad about FF's because my older brother is one and has been for as long as I can remember. But you can take comfort in calling them Nozzle Nutz.


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                Speaking of fire fighters, The store that I work at is located down the street from two fire stations. The F.F. come in to do there shopping everyday. Nothing is funnier then after they do all their shopping and are waiting in line, they get a call and have to run out. (Before you all jump on me, we do usually open up a seperate register just to get them out quicker. We understand that their job is important,and their time is limited) Still it is funny to watch. Guess you have to see for your self


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                  Anytime we have call-in food (read: PIZZA!) delivered, it's always for the "FIRE DEPARTMENT" (we share a bldg.)

                  We like pepperoni, but not oysters. [Eek!]

                  They're less likey to use the special sauce on firemen. Everyone loves firemen (except those men whose wives were stolen by a firemen )

                  [ 08-17-2002, 09:51 PM: Message edited by: SGT Dave ]
                  People have more fun than anybody.


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