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What have we done wrong to deserve this?


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  • What have we done wrong to deserve this?


    So Slick Willy is coming to Australia? Could be the first time that fundraising ends in a financial loss. He may well have been one of the most popular US Presidents (according to the media), but certainly not in this country. One of the Australian major newspapers did a survey/poll during the impeacheacment hearing. Something like 95% of the respondents said yes to impeachment.

    Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most.

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    Don't believe all that you read. While Clinton was an effective president, as a man, he lacked the morals to be known as a good president. I couldn't stand him. I think he's disgusting.
    But then, Rule, am I correct in saying you are not too fond of Americans anyway?

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      Originally posted by Mitzi:

      But then, Rule, am I correct in saying you are not too fond of Americans anyway?
      No, you are not correct in saying that.


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        Wll, for what it's worth, some of your posts come across like that to me anyway...But that's just my opinion. I would love to go to Australia someday but I don't fly. How long would it take me to walk and swim?


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          Clinton was not the worst president, but he was by far the worst person ever to have been president. Clintons lack of an energy policy is just now being felt. His support of every feel good environmental wacko group is now being felt. Clinton also brought the miltary to its knees, while at the same time he brought young women to theirs.

          The story of his popularity is a wide spread myth perpetrated by the socialist talking head media. Do us a favor Rule, if you see him give him the Nazi salute! Seig Heil!

          Heil Klintler!


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            Originally posted by Mitzi:
            I would love to go to Australia someday but I don't fly. How long would it take me to walk and swim?
            There are ocean liners that would get you to Australia (very expensive). Some people commute between Aus and USA on Cargo Ships. You sign on as cook or cleaner and get free passage in return for casual work. It's a long Journet though. About 6 weeks and goes either via the South American Coast or via Alasaka to Asia than to Australia. On the Cargo Ships, it's a cheap way to see the countries that touch tthe pacific ocean. You spend 48 hours in each port.

            Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most.


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              Originally posted by mac90:
              Clinton also brought the miltary to its knees, while at the same time he brought young women to theirs.
              This would be funny if it was not so true!

              "Don't teach in German, then test in Japanese!"
              6P1 (retired)
              6P1 (retired)


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                No way.....I'm already a cook and cleaner! lol


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                  Hey Rule,

                  How about you keep Slick Willie and we'll keep Dundee? Fair trade?

                  Bill Clinton

                  "Don't teach in German, then test in Japanese!"
                  6P1 (retired)
                  6P1 (retired)


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                    Ok! I can't stand it no more! Just how do you get those funny things to jump around on the screen?

                    Those little monkeys, and stuff?



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                      If Don can do it, it must be easy, Jim!


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                        Not all of us love him over here. In fact it is an embarassment that the people of this country elected him not once but twice. Here is the latest news from one of our stil free newservices. I hope you haven't eaten too soon before reading it, it will make you sick. I hope it is not true but it would go along with the way these people acted.

                        With Carl Limbacher and NewsMax.com Staff
                        For the story behind the story...

                        Saturday, May 26, 2000 8:15 AM EST
                        Hillary Snubs Gold Star Mothers

                        America has long known of Bill Clinton's disdain for the U.S. armed forces, going back as far as his comment during his draft-dodging days when he said he "loathed the military." This, of course, was at the time he was participating in protests against the United States military while he was on foreign soil in England.

                        Hillary Clinton has also never concealed her own similar sentiments. But it may come as something of a shock to New Yorkers to learn that their new junior senator recently dished out her by-now-familiar rude treatment to a group of Gold Star Mothers.

                        Former Congressman Dan Frisa, NewsMax opinion columnist, reports that John Behan, who headed the N.Y. Division of Veteran Affairs and himself a double-amputee Marine Corps combat veteran of Vietnam, recently attended a gathering of New York State Gold Star Mothers who recounted the outright shabby treatment dished out by the former First Lady.

                        The Gold Star Mothers is an organization of women who sons were killed in combat during service in the United States armed forces. Begun following World War I, the name of the group is derived from the gold stars that were placed over blue stars on military service banners, displayed in the windows of homes with family members serving during wartime, when word was received that a loved one was killed in action.

                        New York chapter president Shirley Jones and member Mary Wheeler, both of upstate New York, told Behan they had sent a letter to Clinton's office requesting a meeting with the senator to discuss issues of concern to the Gold Star Mothers.

                        When they received a rather dismissive reply, they sent another request, only to be taken to task for pursuing their request.

                        Both women and their membership, needless to say, were shocked at such treatment at the hands of one of the state's highest elected official.

                        Those who have followed her sleazy career, oversized ego, and the utter contempt she displays to average Americans probably would expect as much from Slick Hilly.

                        But who would have guessed that even she would disrespect those women who have lost their own sons to the cause of freedom, those whose sacred memory the nation honors on Memorial Day?


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                          You better lock up your girls when Clinton comes down there.
                          Clinton Got Frisky With Teenage Girl on Oslo Tour

                          While on a speaking tour of Scandanavia two weeks ago, disgraced ex-president Bill Clinton engaged in suggestive behavior with an attractive Norwegian teenage girl, embracing her while witnesses looked on and hinting he'd like to have sex.

                          In a gesture of hospitality, the 19-year-old coed had presented Clinton with a tulip, at which point he reportedly responded by putting his arms around her. But then the sex-addicted former leader told the girl he'd like to do more.

                          "You're too beautiful to only get a hug," Clinton blurted out, in an episode reported in today's London Sunday Times.

                          Clinton made the unpresidential comment to the teenager at an Oslo TGI Fridays while out on the town with a group of college students.

                          The incident has prompted concerns that the former president, who was impeached after his sexual relationship with Monica Lewinsky came to light, has resumed his old habit of seeking sex from young women.

                          "Anybody who thinks he has changed is fooling himself," observed British columnist Andrew Sullivan, who first reported the ex-president's encounter with the Oslo teen.

                          "Clinton is once again a sex scandal waiting to happen," Sullivan added. "And the scariest thing is that he barely knows it."

                          If Sullivan's prediction pans out, it could severely impact the political career of his wife, New York Senator Hillary Clinton, who has apparently done nothing to curb her husband's wayward behavior.

                          At 22, Lewinsky herself was just barely out of her teens when Clinton ushered her into the Oval Office for sessions of oral sex.

                          But stories of Clinton's sexcapades with young and even underage woman are legion in Arkansas.

                          During the Paula Jones case, in which he was accused of exposing himself to a then- 24-year-old state employee, several women who were just high school students when they met then-Governor Clinton told investigators of being groped and fondled during random encounters, with at least one reportedly claiming that Clinton had seduced her.

                          None were willing to go public with their accounts.

                          But according to Jane Parks, who was landlord to Clinton's brother Roger in the mid-1980's, high school girls -- some under the age of consent -- were regular guests at sex and drug parties that the governor himself regularly attended.


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                            You lot have got it all wrong. The poor man was misunderstood by everybody.

                            Monica Lewinsky is deaf.

                            Slick Willy actually said, "Monica, I want you to hold my calls and stop my clock."


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                              The title of this thread "What have we done wrong to deserve this?" is very appropriate.

                              I believe it was Plato (???) who once said that in a democracy, people will only get the government which they deserve.

                              At the current time, the majority of elligible citizens in the US are not even registered to vote.

                              More than half of those who ARE registered no not vote in national elections.

                              Of the ones who DO vote in national elections, based on your own experience, how many do you suppose make an effort to educate themselves on national issues and have the education and critical thinking ability which preapres them to do so in a dilligent and thorough manner?

                              They don't teach nearly enough history and economics in school anymore and few people truly understand the implications of current events.

                              For instance, lets take a quiz, shall we?

                              How does the interest rate, effect the national economy?

                              What is the purpose of the Strategic Oil Reserve?

                              What has caused the current energy problem in California?

                              How does a raise in the minimum wage effect the economy?

                              How is it that our government has a "surplus" of money, while at the same time operates under a financial deficit?

                              Is the Social Security system one which you later recieve money which you have paid in, or is it a 'pay as you go' system in which the money paid in is disbursed to those currently collecting?

                              What effect did NAFTA have on the national economy?

                              What does "trickle down economics" mean?

                              Now, you don't really have to answer all of these, but they are good examples of things which the majority of americans have little knowledge about. Many will THINK they know, but what you will get are things they remember hearing from others, or from the media. Many will know a little about these things from the media, but how many are truly capable of taking these developments and extrapolating the cause and effects?

                              Few...very few!

                              Again, I quote the immortal Pogo, "I have seen the enemy, and he is us!"



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