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    We all have our favorite stories about which involve children and there idiot parents. ( or is it that kids make us idiots???)

    Nothing worse is when I was trying to catch a quick bite at a fast food joint, and you have a lil snot nose kid who is being a total brat, and you know the parent wants to paddle their butt. BUT with you standing there it's like little light goes off,(DING).. "If you don't behave yourself that police man is going to take you away" Needless to say I would have to take several minutes to explain to both how I was there to help them in time of need and not to be afraid to seek help from a police officer.
    You know they all would sit in there booth eating, and wonder what I just said with a stupid look on their face!

    The only bad thing about that whole scene is the kid grew up,and now I'm watching that snot nose BRAT!!

    The best one was the time I was riding with my Sgt. and we came upon a kid that was riding a bicycle. The 15 year old juvy turned and noticed us in the patrol car behind him as he peddled down the street.
    We recognized the subject as "Percy" our local lil doper! The Sgt asked me if I thought the bike was his. "NOT".....we laughed and noticed he was trying to out run us on the bike going down the street. (We was laughing harder now).....This kids feet was peddling just as fast as they would go and he was only doing 20MPH. about the time we decided it was time to turn on the lights and pull him over a german shepard came runningout of a yard and bit him right on the ***......"CRASH & BURN" The sgt an I was laughing so hard we could not call dispatch. Well we took the bike and put Percy a foot,and gave the dog a ata boy.

    You know kids do "do the darned things"

    RULE FOR A HAPPY AND SUCCESSFUL LIFE:. Don't hang around with whiners and complainers.

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    When I was in high school, we had this one boy in our class that HATED authority. His Dad was really tough on him and he hated his Dad too. Well, he used to get on his bike and get the cops to chase him. He would cut between yards and put his bike up on top of car ports and then hide. Drove the cops crazy.....til one outsmarted him. I guess he had chased him several times and got to see a pattern. Anyway this kid throws his bike on top of a carport and it comes crashing down on him. The cop had actually figured out what he was doing and got lucky, waiting on the very car port he chose. We kids thought it was great!
    Trouble was, when he started driving, he would bait the cops and got arrested several times. He was a real sad case.


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