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Racial Profile?


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  • Racial Profile?

    Well I was profiled recently and I am about to share the experience with you...

    Last month I traveled to the Netherlands with my g/f as the round trip airfare was only $350 online! Now I have to tell you that I look like a cop and have had a high-n-tight since 1988 when I joined the Army. I can't go anywhere without people knowing that I am a cop; well everyone but US Customs.

    After a week there we returned to Newark Intl. Airport where we got into a line of over 200 people waiting for customs. One female officer came up to only us and took our return questionaires and wrote on them in green magic-marker. I first thought that she knew that I was a cop or she was expediting the horrible line. Well she took no other cards. When we got up to the front and the guy saw the green marks he said "you two go over there" where we would have our luggage searched! Out of everyone, I realized that these amateurs just profiled a cop who has never smoked a joint in his life.

    I have to say that the customs officers left a negative impression on me. After learning that I was a cop they still searched my girlfriend's suitcase and even cut open her bags of tulip bulbs and inspected each seed. This search lasted for at least 20 minutes.

    I left very mad for the lack of professional courtesy. And they didn't even search the rude French couple of dirty backpackers who cut in line even after I told them that in the USA we have something called a LINE and you go to the back of it. I left mad. If I was black I could say that I was racially profiled. What can I say being that I am a white cop? You tell me.

    Being from NJ, this is a hot issue here. It often ****es me off when the press talks about racial profiling of NJ Troopers, but it seems ok that the FBI "works up profiles of serial killers", and customs profiles, and advertisers profile, etc. Why do they gang up on cops? Is it just for ratings?


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    OOOOH! You are so right! The French are horrible with lines, now the Dutch on the other hand were quite orderly...


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      Hi NJCop, welcome to

      I am moving your topic to "Civil Rights" forum-

      thank you for posting!

      Please feel free to mail me, or any of the staff; if there is anything we can help you with
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