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Do you wear clothing representing your dept.?


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  • Do you wear clothing representing your dept.?

    I got into a discussion with a 10 yr veteran of my PD. I was noticing that the Firemen constantly wear clothing that state the dept. they work for. His response was because they are not embarassed. When I first started working about 3 yrs ago, certain officers would wear clothing stating their PD, but it seemed it was in an arrogant manner. "Look at me I'm a cop" I mean they would wear it to bars. So I decided that I wouldn't wear that sort of clothing. Others I've talked to say, when they are off-duty they don't want anyone bothering them, which when clearified is what the 10 yr veteran meant when he said embarassed. What do you guys think? Do you wear your dept's logo off-duty? Why or why not?

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      I fixed a transmission for a leo last year. When he brought the trans to me, he was in uniform, and there was no doubt what he was.

      When he came to pick it up, it was almost like he was in disguise.


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        *shaking head* ohhhhhhhh, Frank.

        As far as the question, not just no but HELL NO!!! I don't wear anything out in public that identifies me as an LEO. Even when I'm on my way from work and have to make a stop I take off my badge and gun and if there is any chance at all I'm gonna make any stops, I won't even wear my agency's polo shirts that day.


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          Hey Fla, glad you aren't one of Franks "boys".


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            I have to agree...NO WAY. Even if I am in my home car I don't unless I respond to a call that needs a home care to go to. And if I do that I will put a hat on.
            Firemen do it cause everyone LOVES a fireman but #$%% on a cop.

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              NO, NO, NO. Never do I wear my logo shirts out just fo rthe hell of it. The only time I wear them is if I am going to the range to shoot, or if it's my off day and I get called in for something. When I am off, it is MY time and I don't want anybody asking any dumba*s questions or bothering me. Besides, working for a sheriff's office, and it being an elected position, people just look for a reason to "report" you for anything. The enemy is always lerking around looking for dirt on our Sheriff. So, the fewer people that know where I work, the better!
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                Wearing "cop" identifying stuff also makes you a primary target for some ahole planning to committ a crime somewhere you may be.

                Target as in "gotta take out the cop first before I hit this ____________"(insert place of business)
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                  I don't wear the "cop stuff" off duty either.
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                    FLLawdog, check your private messages please.



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                      No chance. I was put in ITU a couple of years ago when a friend of mine let slip I was a LEO in a pub. 5 guys jumped me and beat the living crap outta me all because I was a cop (I managed to do something to the main perp which ID'd him later. He was arrested and given 4 years ha ha)
                      I also know of officers who don't have any LE stuff on show at home (Course photo's etc). I know of a few officers who have been burgled. When the offender has seen their LE stuff, they've gone into overtime, doing things to the house that they wouldn't do to a normal victims place. Nice.
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                        I've never much cared for clothing that had anything to say at all. I don't like logos, pithy commentary, pictures, or subtle embroidery, emblazoned upon my personal garb. It's probably a phobia or mania of some sort since I've even gone so far as to unravel the little polo players or cut the tiny alligators from my shirts.

                        ....and as for off-duty clothing that advertises my occupation or affiliations. No way!!


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                          Originally posted by foursixzero:
                          I was noticing that the Firemen constantly wear clothing that state the dept. they work for. His response was because they are not embarassed.

                          Firemen and cops are simply of different personalities. I find firemen to be "show-off" types. They'll tell everybody (and their mothers) that they're firemen. They'll wear shirts and jackets with firefighting logos and/or scenes on them. If Galls sold pants with little firefighters' hats embroidered in the back pockets, they would buy them by the case.

                          They'll put little firefighter hat stickers all over their trucks (look in any fire station parking lot and you'll find 99% of them drive trucks). Here in California, if you're a firefighter you can get a special firefighter's license plate; in place of one of first number on the plate is a picture of a firefighter in front of a wall of flames (looks suspiciously like the "Backdraft" movie poster). Here's what it looks like: CA Firefighter License Plate

                          (Before you call me a "firefighter hater", I base my opinions from growing up next door to a fireman, and from working with a Reserve Officer at my station who's also a fireman. And yes we bag on him all the time about firefighters.)

                          Now contrast that with cops. Mostly for survival reasons, we're much more secretive about our profession. We tell next to NOBODY we're cops, especially if we don't know you. I've heard of cops sometimes not telling FAMILY MEMBERS of their profession, to keep them from worrying.

                          We wear NOTHING in public that identifies our line of work. I have some souvenir cop shirts that I've picked up over the years, but I only wear these around the house, or as undershirts beneath my uniform, or when I'm using the gym at work.

                          Our vehicles are stripped clean of anything that would identify us as cops. No stickers, no "department radio call sign" license plate frames that are popular with the wannabe crowd here in Southern California. I have NO police equipment in my personal vehicle whatsoever. If you were to steal it right now, you'd have no idea that it belonged to a cop.

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                            I'll wear it out to the gym or range. I have a sweatshirt I wear in public NCSHP -- but most people look at it and say "what school is that?" I think that depending upon your region of the US you may be looked at differently for being an LEO. I can go from being a hero in the NC mountains to a despised piece of @#$% at the coast.


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                              No, I don't identify myself as police in public by wearing copwear. I have a couple of cop t-shirts that I wear to police events or gatherings but not as general daily wear. It's not like people don't know who I am anyway. Everywhere I go people greet me by name & say they know who I am because they've seen me on TV. So much for having to advertise it with clothing.


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