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Baltimore PD stymied


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  • Baltimore PD stymied

    Sorry but I have to rant here for a few minutes. I was just wondering if anyone had encountered such nonsense. In short the Police Commissioner had to go before the City Council to defend the release of 4 high ranking officials two of whom were black. These officers were released becasue of job performance( the murder rate will once again be over 300 most likely) according to the Commish. A few of these officers were also involved in a sting operation involving a seperate officer was taking a patrol car home illegally. Apparently some of these officials used a master key to take the car from the targets driveway at home. They thought that he would lie about his car but instead he called the state police. These other officers(one a major and the other in charge of the day to day operations of the department) dumped the car on the city streets and made a false 911 call to tip the location of the car. The Commissioner called this a horrible waste of time and resources but now has to go and defend himself against people claiming that he is " bleaching the police department". All of this junk really annoys me. As a ordinary citizen I look at the Commisioner (ED Norris) and I see a leader who in his first week on the job while touring the city jumped out of the squad car and chased down someone seen seeling drugs. I think he made 3 or 4 individual arrests his first week on the job. To me that is not some guy sitting in his office telling people what to do. This is someone who wants to make a difference and it irritates me that he is second guessed. Sorry to rant and rave but I really wanted to know if anyone had heard any of this and wanted your opinions.

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    No, I had not heard of this in particular and only know of it what you posted but the doversion tactics are quite common. Race is generally used as a diversion tactic to avoid firings and dismissals.


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