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LEO license plate frames


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  • LEO license plate frames

    Three of the officers I work with have license plate frames around their license plates on the back of their patrol cars that are pretty funny. Anyone seen any other ones besides these:

    Honk if you have warrants

    Faster than a speeding ticket

    Smile, I could be behind you.
    If you ever have sprained ankle, give me a call.

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    Some have the city or county on top of the frame, with the FCC call sign at the bottom. Most civilains won't know what that means.
    Here in CA. I've seen "Thank God for 3% at 50", which is a public safety retirement formula.
    Putting this stuff on your POV could tip off the bad guys as to who you are, make you/your family a target
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      Dispatchers tell deputies where to go.

      Make a deputy come - call 911.
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        Originally posted by willowdared

        Make a deputy come - call 911.

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          Originally posted by 1oldsarge
          Some have the city or county on top of the frame, with the FCC call sign at the bottom. Most civilains won't know what that means.
          The LAPD Academy store used to sell license plate frames that said "KMA 357," which was their communications division call sign (and maybe still is). It eventually got around that this was an "I'm a cop" sign. Within a few months, these license plate frames were for sale in truck stops and auto supply stores all over the Western states.

          I was told that LASD deputies used to put whatever license plate frames they got with their cars on upside down. That was the "secret code" there.
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            What idiot would put a license plate frame on their POV stating that they were a police officer. It is a tip off and gives the criminals another reason to go after the cops or the families. One of the officers that taught a class I was in. He told the class that everyday after work,he takes a different route home. Because he said that he has had people whom he arrested would follow him home. I am sure many of you have had this happen or are aware of this. Doesn't make sense to put a license plate frame on a car/truck stating what you do. JMO
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              My brother had personalized plates that said " SVP"...but his wife didn't find it as funny as him so when they married it was gone. I doubt too many people outside LE background would get it.


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