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  • Academy questions

    Can anyone give me info on what to expect from the Sheriff's Academy in Whittier, CA? I will be starting in September and would like to get a head start if I can. I've been doing PT. Mostly running, push-ups, sit-ups, crunches and some weights.

    Thank you,

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    First of all Jim, congratulations.

    Second, to answer your question, as a fellow LASD Academy graduate I can tell you that on the first day of the academy (or your first PT day if it's not the first academy day) you will do the POST fitness test. If you are an LASD recruit, this is the same test you took at the Physical Agility Exam. Every CA peace officer must pass this test sometime during the academy, so LASD gets it over and done with at the beginning. That's a good thing; the test is so easy (and I can say that NOT being a good athlete myself) that if you can't pass it then you simply don't belong in a police academy.

    During the academy you will do the "Sheriff's 500" physical fitness exam at least 3 times. This test gives a certain number of points depending on how well you do on the 1.5 mile run, 500 yard dash, situps, pushups, pullups, and the "mountain climbers." Someone who "maxes out" on all of the tests will get a maximum 500 points, thus the name.

    If you work towards your maximum ability in these areas, then you should do well during PT's. However, you are also expected to show improvement during the academy, so even if you got a perfect 500 the first time around, you're still expected to improve on your performance the next time (although you won't get any more points).

    One area you may want to practice: standing at attention for LONG periods of time. I remember on Day 1 standing at attention for 2 1/2 hours as the staff individually addressed every recruit and showed them the proper way to stand attention. DO NOT LOCK YOUR KNEES! And when you get to graduation day, you'll appreciate having practiced standing at attention for long periods when Sheriff Lee Baca reaches the podium and gives his infamous "Never Ending Speeches"

    If you already haven't done so, get your PT gear NOW! Recruits are required to have at least two short-sleeve shirts and at least one long-sleeve sweatshirt that has their names in large letters on both sides. It takes time to get these special-ordered from the Academy store, that's why you need to order them now. Don't think that just because it's 100+ degrees today that you won't need the sweatshirt until November; the academy staff WILL check to see that you have it, even if you're not being made to wear it.

    TIP: The night before a PT day, fill your water bottle 1/3 with water, then put in freezer. The next morning, fill the rest of the bottle with water. You'll have nice cold ice water to drink (or even to wet your face), and as hot as it's been you'll appreciate it.

    Third, here's some non-PT related tips:

    1. Your personal vehicle WILL be inspected by academy staff while you're in class, so make sure you correct any Vehicle Code violations prior to Day 1. That includes peeling off the tint from the front windows (rear windows are OK as long as you have a right-side mirror) and re-attaching the front license plate. If you have one of those "Altezza" aftermarket lights then I hope you saved the originals, otherwise you're in for a major expense to buy new ones. And for God's sake don't show up to the academy with expired tags, like one of my fellow recruits did! [Eek!]

    How will they know which is a recruit's vehicle, and which isn't? Simple: recruits will be told to park in a specific location, and you will have to have a card (hand-made) on the dash that states your name and class #.

    2. LASD strongly emphasizes the "team" concept. They also strongly emphasize "sameness", meaning if one recruit is missing an item, then the rest of the class goes without it too. If a recruit forgets his jacket at home, well guess what? the rest of the class freezes!

    3. You probably already know this, but you will show up on Day 1 wearing business attire. You will continue to wear business attire until the class has earned the right to wear a uniform, and then it will be without any sort of decoration whatsoever. Any subsequent decorations, such as shoulder patches and especially the badge, have to be earned by the class. Even metal nametags have to be earned; the class wears the paper and plastic ones given on Day 1 until told otherwise.

    4. DO NOT BRING A GUN TO THE ACADEMY! If you're an LASD recruit, a department Beretta won't be issued to you until the first day of range training. The ONLY weapon you should be bringing is the PR-24.

    5. Make sure that by Day 1 you have memorized Penal Code section 15, "Crime and Public Offense Defined" (often called "definition of a crime"). You WILL be asked to correctly recite EVERY single word of this section (often during a stressful situation) and if you can' better be prepared to do additional PT's as well as some research papers!

    If I remember anything more I'll post again. Until then feel free to send me more questions.

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