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Shooting at my apartments.


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  • Shooting at my apartments.

    A guy got dropped from what sounded like a suppressed automatic burst. I guess he shot the first round toward my direction. Sounds like it was a domestic dispute that ended in this guy shooting his enemy then going out in the parking lot for all to see. By the time I was to the front door peaking out I could just hear girls screaming.

    I heard the commotion earlier. The helicopter was circling and several officers were rushing toward the place with automatic rifles.

    This was about the 4th shooting in the last few months. I'm sure getting sick and tired of this place and it's horrible crime rate . It's good to know the police are on top of it though. I only heard one burst and gathered from my neighbors, who did witness it, that he was killed immediately. Just a few weeks earlier I called 911 to report multiple shots in another part of this apartment complex.
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    I would say it is time to move!!


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      There is no reason for you to continue to live in that area.


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        Damn! 4th shooting in the past month at your apts? city? county?

        Time to relocate!

        Good luck


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          when ever your lease is up....give the notice and pack the boxes.
          If your a LEo, do your neighbors know? and what are you doing to prevent this from coming your way?
          ‘Some cause happiness wherever they go; others, whenever they go.’
          Oscar Wilde


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            please be careful and try to find another place to live.
            I LOVE the smell of flashbangs in the morning.....dont you?

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