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    Originally posted by Centurion44
    I wasn't talking about your wife. I have several friends that are public school teachers- if she doesn't come home and talk about her stupid co-workers, I'll eat my hat.
    I know you wern't. It was a blanket statement and I understand that. Like all cops are *******s. We both know that it not true, well not completely true . She doesn't really talk of stupid teachers, but stupid administrators (I guess we could all fit into that catagory). Around here private schools can't even come close to public salary/benefits/etc.
    The nine most terrifying words in the English language are, "I'm from the government and I'm here to help."
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      Originally posted by gordy1
      Thats one of the biggest complaints in my dept. Traffic has no cameras, just
      road patrol. Traffic bureau routinely is sent on runs when road is tied up.
      Another beef is no tazer for traffic, just for the road guys, but thats for another thread.
      Man....that sucks! Did they give a reason or just the standard "the department doesn't have enough money" crap? Seems like a really stupid idea, what are you supposed to do with a DWI/DUI? How do they expect you to get on World's Wildest Police Videos without cameras!?!?!?!
      The nine most terrifying words in the English language are, "I'm from the government and I'm here to help."
      Ronald Reagan


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        Originally posted by WC145
        Actually, the implication was that PUBLIC school teachers are too stupid to make it in private schools. I was giving edg103's wife the benefit of the doubt while pointing out a couple of my ex-wife's shortcomings, one of which affirmed Centurion's observation. Also, for the record, I was stating fact, I was not implying anything.
        Truth be told, her stupidity has only become noticeable since we got divorced and she started seeing guys from the shallow end of the gene pool.
        You haven't been dating a teacher from Maine have you?
        ...it is actualy harder to get a job at a public school than a priavate school and the pay is usualy much better in a public school as well...

        ...for one thing, a private school teacher does not nessesarily need to be certifed by the state they are teaching in...this will not fly in a public shcool...a private school can also pay pretty much whatever they want to as well, with no officail guidlines...the pay is typicaly $10,000 less a year than a comaparable position in a public school...

        ...as to the topic of this thread, I've had people try and pull the race card on me when I refused to sell them a bulldog...they would say I would not sell them a dog because they were (ethnic)...

        ...I would tell them no, I am not selling you a dog because you are (*******)...

        ...I don't know how this would work in police work, but it worked for me...
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          It is interesting that the focus went to the fact that she was a (stupid) teacher. Her defense sounds to revolve around the fact that she is black. Does anyone here run into this a lot? Do LEO's find that certain ethnic groups react to traffic stops differently? Not trying to say that some break traffic law more than others or that LEO's stop more of one group or another (diffent topics).


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            The idiocy level of this is raised even moreso because a POLITE schoolteacher on her way to Bible study would've probably gotten a warning from me.

            The sad thing is the extraordinary amount of people that will learn from this that behavior like that to authority figures is acceptable.
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