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    I was just curious more then anything else as to what Sheriff's around the country make, how their duties differ, and if they are elected or appointed (I know for the most part they are elected) Also, curious as to who is the highest paid Sheriff. Thanks for the info in advance.

    Allegheny County Sheriff (Pittsburgh, Pa)
    Salary: $64,000
    Duties: Court Security, Civil Process, and Prision Transportation

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    I know the Gwinnett County Sheriff makes at around 6 figures.
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      Sheriff Baca (LASD), I believe makes in the high 200's. Sheriff Block (LASD also) was before Baca. He used to be the highest elected official in the country.


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        Just to add-The Sheriff in Normys post, Allegheny County, Pittsburgh do not do law enforcement street work except for the fugitive team. 99% of them are court officers, court house security and prisoner transports.
        Most Sheriffs elsewhere do street level police and patrol... Right???
        Pittsburgh, and all of PA is kinda like a rare pink bunny, Allegheny Cty has the ONLY county police force in the state of PA. Plus like ive sid b4 Allegheny Cty has aboutr 122 different municipalities and even MORE police departments.
        I got nothing for now


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          My S.O. had a salary study done. Due to that study, wages went up to $18/hour for a typical line deputy with 5 years of paid service. One can get a percentage increase for on-call, SWAT, bomb tech, negotiator, paramed, etc.
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