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Have anybody witness a dead body before?


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  • Have anybody witness a dead body before?

    I know im gonna have some flames on this post.....

    Anyhow, I was wondering if any of you cops ever witness of somebody being murdered or have ever witness a dead body or a a badly decomposed body before? IM not sick just have lotta interests with dead bodies.....
    -Lord Rayden

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    That is kind of a morbid question, but its one of those I hear frequently, along with "oooh! show me your gun", and "have you ever shot anybody" (Both answers are no)

    In my 3 years I've only seen one dead person. He'd been dead for about 24 hours, and the air conditioner was on full blast, so it wasn't all that bad. He died of heart attack or something, natural causes anyway, so there was no gore factor. He just looked asleep. The worst part of the whole day, for me as a rookie, was delivering the death notification to his ex-wife. She was his ex, but they were still friends.

    Road Warrior

    "Every man dies, not every man really lives"


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      I'm not LEO but I did find a body one time.....A friend who didn't show up for work.....He had died of a heart attack while sleeping.....I was upset but it wasn't all that gruesome because he hadn't been dead for very long. Something I would not care to do over tho.


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        I've seen several, but believe me there's absolutely nothing glamorus about it. The ones like Roadwarrior said are not too bad, but when it involves children or abuse that's something else entirely. Like Roadwarrior, I haven't shot anyone either as most of us haven't.


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          "IM not sick just have lotta interest in dead bodies.."-Rayden

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          Admit nothing, deny everything, and make counter accusations!


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            I have seen my fair share and nothing glamorous. I have seen suicides, accidents, and one murder. I have shot two people in my career and I can tell you it is nothing to brag about. That is just my experiances.

            Are you a Veteran? If so join AMVETS the only organization that accepts all vets no matter when or where they served. Contact me for more info.


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              That's a touchy question, my friend.

              Why not just consider that such a question can recall bad memories in the person asked?

              Jim Burnes


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                While I have never actually seen somebody getting murdered, I have seen my fair share of stiffs.

                From fetuses up to over 80 years old.

                Stabbed, shot, strangled, run over, burned, bludgoned, overdosed, drowned.

                Just about all methods of suicide.

                Fresh dead, decomped, floaters, bones, scant remains.

                Let's see...I've never worked a poisoning unless you count carbon monoxide suicides. And I have never seen a body that mummified. My area has the wrong weather for that.

                The only ones that really bother me are the ones that stink alot. And the kids can really get to you.

                I knw some people are kind of fascinated by this stuff. I mean, I suppose it isn't something you see everyday, but the human body is just a body.

                You might as well be fascinated by the racks of ribs in the grocery store.

                Meat, bones, flesh. Once you are dead, the spirit is gone.

                Hope you channel your interest in dead people in a positive way. Yeah, folks might say it is unusual, but I think most people are a little fascinated with it. I used to be, but now it;s just part of my job. I get a stiff now, and I just think about how much work I'm going to have to do and about how much the family is going to be depending on me to find and prosecute the killer.

                I knew a guy who told me he had always been fascinated with dead people. He grew up to be a very good forensic pathologist.


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                  I've seen several. Suicides, murders, natural causes, burned. Would prefer not to see anymore. It's not the sight of a body that gets me though. It's the smells or sounds.

                  Had a suicide once that shot himself in the mouth & fell back onto a pile of blankets. Looked very natural laying there, like he was sleeping. When we picked him up the back of his head came off & his brains came out with a sloshing sound. I held on until I could get outside & then threw up behind a tree.

                  A guy was going to torch his business for the insurance money but got too close to a flame with his gasoline can. The blast brought the place down. I was only two blocks away & saw the explosion. When I got there he was stumbling out of the rubble completely burned & still on fire. He took two or three steps & fell face down. There wasn't a thing I could do.


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                    Before I was a police officer I was a vendor. Had a hot dog cart on the street. One day while I was just seting up I heard a bang. Looked to see what it was and saw a woman falling and a guy then turn the gun on himslef and shoot himself. As it turned out she was just then on her way to take out an Ex Parte on him. Another half a block and she would have been at the court.

                    On the job I have seen a few homicides and fatal accidents. Never a pleasant experience. Ironically most seemed to be just after I got out of the academy. Unfortunately I know I will see more.

                    In my personal life I was the one to have found my mother's body after she died.
                    Can't let any of these things get to me though. Life is for the living.

                    [ 08-01-2001: Message edited by: Metro174 ]
                    In God we trust, all others are run MILES and NCIC.


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                      As a summer job, I've been working security at a hospital here in Texas. Oddly enough, some people just so happen to die at hospitals?! Well, about one week into my job, a patient passed away and they call me. Why? Am I a Dr.? No. A Nurse? No. An expert in any field? Not to my knowledge. They call me to escort the Funeral Service to the room, help with the body if the director needs assistance (Which none have needed, Thank God), and to make sure all goes smoothly with any family members who may get disruptive. But to answer your question, yes I have seen a person who has passed away. It is a reality of life, don't be afriad of it, just be prepared Life is only a mist, there one second and gone the next.



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                        Not an LEO yet but I've seen 3.

                        The first was guy who fell from the 4th floor of an apt building and impailed himself on the wrought iron gate that went around the building. Every tenth bar had a spear head pointing up and he found one. Tough watching him still alive trying to pull himself off the spike.

                        The second was a friend. He thought is funny to tease his girlfriend by holding a illegal revolver he had to his head and pretending to shoot. It went BANG! We heard it in front of the building, ran up, and witnessed a room with my friend on the floor and a wall splattered with his brains. I still have nightmares about that to this day. Happened 25 years ago.

                        The third was a traffic accident. Girl got hit head on by an out of control car. It sandwiched her against a fence. Her legs where cut off and under the car. Her torso landed 20ft in front of the car.

                        All part of growing up in NYC.
                        It's easier to get out of jail than it is a morgue. Live long and defend yourself!

                        Jhn 3:16
                        NRA Lifer


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                          "A guy was going to torch his business for the insurance money but got too close to a flame with his gasoline can. The blast brought the place down. I was only two blocks away & saw the explosion. When I got there he was stumbling out of the rubble completely burned & still on fire. He took two or three steps & fell face down. There wasn't a thing I could do."

                          That is TOO funny!

                          let's see, burning my business down...splash a little gas here, splash a little de de da...I wonder if anyone will get hurt? Ah, who cares?...La De Da...La De Da...WHA...NO!...NO!..AAAHHHHAAHHHH!....I'm on FIRE!.....Arrgghhh!......

                          Too ironic! Who says there is no justice?


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                            I used to work Security at a small hospital. It was my responsibility to move the bodies to the morgue. One shift I got the call for a pick-up. I brought the "Code 40" cart to the Med. Floor. The Nurses were extreamly busy and I couldn't stop one long enough to tell me where the patient was. I looked for the postcard on the door that they mark the patient's door with. Nope, they hadn't put it up yet.
                            This wasn't exactly my favorite part of the job and I wanted to get it over with, so I tried to figure it out myself. (If you are thinking at this point "What a MORON!!!, you have the right idea.) I saw a pretty obvious choice and went in with the cart. When I positioned it next to the bed, the patient sat up suddenly with a look of horror. I no longer had clean underwear and wondered if my heart would ever re-start.
                            The good part of this was a nurse finally found time to show me where the right room was.

                            Gawd, I felt terrible about that. I've since dialed back my level of inititive to a more acceptable level.



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                              Originally posted by Rayden:
                              IM not sick just have lotta interests with dead bodies.....
                              No dude you are SICK. I am not trying to flame you. but i suspect there is some kind of under lying problem here and you might want to see some one about it. I have see a few due to the job, and every one has bugged the heck out of me for a day or 2. and i have no intrest in ever seeing one again.


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